Douni A5 25W Portable Bluetooth Speaker – REVIEW

The DOUNI A5 Bluetooth Speaker is an affordable speaker that is designed to deliver gorgeous sound with deep bass.



Holding the DOUNI A5 Bluetooth Speaker in my hand for the first time the first thing I noticed is how heavy it was for its size, especially when compared to most of its competition. Speakers that are similarly priced and also similar in size are typically lighter for ease of portability. But for me, the weight of the A5 speaker was never an issue and it won’t be for you either. It’s easy to carry around. 

It’s a very solid and well-built device that’s really confidence-inspiring when it comes to the durability thanks to the solid build quality.

You’re getting an all-plastic design that’s backed by a metallic grill that wraps all the way around the body of the speaker for added protection. The only downside about the design of the speaker is that it doesn’t have any sort of waterproof to protect it from splashes or rain.

And at the back, you’ll find AUX in and out ports, a 15V charging port, and a 5V micro USB port.



Up top, you’ll find your control panel that consists of 8 buttons. These buttons are made from a none slick rubber-like plastic material and its tactile and very satisfying to press.

But what really makes this control panel stand out from the competition is that the buttons are backlit. This means that the buttons will light up as soon as you turn the speaker but it only lasts for a few seconds for efficiency. Whenever you need the buttons the light-up the A5 has a neat trick. It uses a Thermal Sensor-Fancy sensor that’s located at the top of the speaker, so once you put your hand close to any of the buttons it will detect the heat from your hand which then illuminates buttons. I love this feature, it is extremely useful especially low light environments. I am amazed that other speaker brands haven’t adopted this useful lighting feature as yet.

As you can see from the photo above these buttons are able to control your power, Bluetooth, pause/play, skip forward, go back, and control volume. You are also able to see your power consumption and Bluetooth and AUX connections via LED displays.


Battery Performance

When it comes to battery life, DOUNI claims up to 12 hours on a single charge. In my real-world testing with the volume at 50% I was able to get 11 + hours of playtime from full to dead. 11+ hours is what you typically get from most speakers in this price range.

When it comes charging this is where the A5 gets a bit controversial. Because unlike all the other Bluetooth speakers on the market the A5 doesn’t use a MICRO USB or USB-C port for charging. It instead has its own 15V charger which means that you have to always find a wall outlet to plug into to charge. Plus you also have to make sure you never lose that 15V charger because if you do you will have no way to charge the speaker.

There is a reason why most Bluetooth speakers use either a MICRO USB or USB-C port for charging. Having either of these ports to charge your speaker gives you the versatility to charge from just about anywhere and use a wide range of charging options like a powerbank, computer, USB plug and much more. 



It has NFC tap to pair which makes pairing to any NFC-compatible devices quick and easy.

The worse and most disappointing thing about this speaker is the Bluetooth connection. I was only able to get 23 feet in wireless range despite DOUNI’s claims of up to 66 feet. And to make matters worse whenever you decide to use the speaker whether indoors or outdoors there must be a clear line of sight in order to keep a good stable connection. And if you decide to put your phone in your pocket, or if anyone walks between the connection or even if you put your hand over the top of your phone the connection drops.

Additionally, you will experience a little delayed audio when watching YouTube and Netflix.



Audio Experience

The biggest surprise is strong the bass is. Its strong and deep without being overpowering especially in small to mid-size rooms.

The mids are well pronounced with natural tones and clarity. While the highs are present but lack brightness and gets overpowered by the mids. But overall, the audio is enjoyable. 

For the best audio experience keep your personal listening levels between 50-70%, where the audio is really enjoyable. If you decide to crank the volume higher audio will sound a bit raspy.


To Wrap Things Up

For the price and size, the DOUNI A5 is undoubtedly one of the best bass-heavy portable Bluetooth you can buy under $100. Its a speaker with awesome backlit buttons and great audio performance that can even outmatch some of the more expensive Bluetooth speakers on the market. The poor Bluetooth connectivity, lack of charging flexibility, and waterproofing may be a turn off for some. But if you’re looking for a reliable wireless speaker with excellent bass at an affordable price the DOUNI A5 Bluetooth speaker is a great option.

Buy Now $69.99

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