Best Bellroy Backpacks

Best Bellroy Backpacks

There is no doubt that Bellroy makes some of the best and most beautifully crafted quality backpacks on the market. Bellroy puts their heart, soul and countless design hours into creating high-quality products that are made from non-toxic, water-resistant and highly durable fabrics. Every piece of fabric has been deeply considered and must also have a very unique look while also being abrasion-resistant. And you see all that effort and time in everyone one of their products. Bellroy backpacks also feature lumbar support and contoured straps which makes them comfortable to carry all day long. Our collection has the best Bellroy backpacks for travel, school, work, daily use or just about any occasion.



Shift Backpack 

Bellroy Shift

The Shift Backpack is a commuter pack that’s designed for travelling to and from the office with ease. It sports a very clean-cut design and is even comfortable enough to wear on your bicycle commute. This backpack is made from water-resistant Venture-weave polyester and leather so it’s suitable for many different environments. On the inside, there is enough room to carry all your gear while also being able to fit up to a 15-inch laptop thanks to a padded laptop sleeve. 

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Campus Backpack

This Bellroy Campus Back is designed mainly for schoolgoers. It offers designated compartments for almost anything you can think up. There’s also a padded laptop compartment that is deep enough to fit a 15-inch laptop while still having enough space to fit some extras. This compartment is also flexible enough to keep the laptop from bending and bouncing on your back. The Campus is made with non-toxic materials and environmentally certified leather.

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Transit Backpack

Bellroy Transit Backpack

Designed for travel, the Transit Backpack has plenty of room to fit all your travel essentials and features a separate compartment for your laptop while also sporting quick-storage pockets for your phone and passport to make sure you are able to quickly breeze through airport security. The quick access also means that you can easily pull your laptop or phone out of your bag if you need to quickly check or send an email or 2 before boarding the plane. The Transit backpack also fits within carry-on size requirements, so you may not need to take another suitcase if you so choose.

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 Slim Foldover Backpack


The Slim Backpack has a very slim design, especially when compared to the rest of the backpacks on this list. Its delightfully slim silhouette is crafted from just 2 fabric panels to maximize durability. This design also means there are no seams down the sides of the backpack to let moisture in. This makes it easy to safeguard your gear.  And even though this backpack is slimmer than the rest, it boasts 2 magnetic closure points which allow you to expand the bag’s capacity. There’s also room for up to a 15-inches laptop. In addition, the pockets are all lined with soft material to handle your accessories and devices with care. 

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Classic Backpack Plus

Bellroy Classic Backpack Plus

The Classic Backpack is perfect for those people who have to fit a lot in their day. It’s able to carry up to 22 litres and still maintain its sleek appearance. It features 2 compartments which give you the capacity to separate items for different occasions whether for work and play. One of these compartments is a padded section for storing your laptop, notebook, pens and more. If you plan on doing some travelling you will be happy to know that the Classic backpack complies with airline carry-on requirements.

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Duo Totepack

This convertible tote makes carrying your laptop easy. It features a central padded compartment to keep up to a 15-inch laptop safe, while the separate side pockets keep smaller items organized. And if your bag happens to get rained on while you are out and about, you can be sure that your contents will be safe because the Duo is made with water-resistant material.

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Apex Backpack

The Apex Backpack is designed to be a culmination of Bellroy’s 10 years of design learning. It’s a backpack that works in a multitude of environments. It’s designed to be unrestrictive so there’s no clutter on the outside and no extreme pocketing on the inside. Click to see all Bellroy Backpacks

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