Segway eMoped C80

Segway eMoped C80

The Segway eMoped C80 makes it easy to run small errands or cruise to the beach with ease and comfort.



This is Segway’s first smart ebike. It has a maximum speed of 20-mph and has a 47–52-mile radius thanks to a removable 24-amp hour battery. You can charge it by plugging directly into the bike or remove the battery to take inside to charge.


eMoped C80

Additionally, the C80 has a dual anti-lock braking system with both front disc and rear disc drum brake that can regenerate power for the battery.

Is it comfortable?

With comfort in mind, riders will be super comfortable thanks in part to the large squishy seat, the front suspension and central shock absorber that make bumps and potholes feel like gentle bounces when you’re riding.




For security, this bike has Segway’s RideyGo intelligent system. This includes an alarm, an airlock system and a sensor in the seat that detects when anyone is sitting on it. So, if the bike moves even slightly, the alarm goes off, the tires lock up and a notification is sent to the owner’s phone.


The App

Segway App

Everything is made easier with the mobile app. In addition to tracking your rides and battery range, it can also enable additional settings and make security features easier to use. The bike connects to the app using Bluetooth and will automatically lock when it senses the user walking away and you can use the app to unlock it whenever you return. You can also use the app to set the bike’s push assist, auto cruise and regenerative power setting.


Segway eMoped C80

Finally, Segway has focused on making the eMoped C80 a seamless experience with smart security features. And it doesn’t need a key to turn on, it instead uses an NFC card or the mobile app. Just simply tap one of the 2 included cards to the bike’s display and the bike unlocks and starts up.

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