Best Smart Sleeping Lamps 2020

Best Smart Sleeping Lamps 2020

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Achieve a deeper sleep with a smart sleeping lamp. These awesome devices are designed to help you fall asleep at night. They provide you with a variety of calming lighting display options that will help your body to naturally wind down at the end of the day so you can drift off slowly yet peacefully to sleep. Our collection has the best smart sleeping lamps on the market.


iHome Zenergy Meditative Therapy Candle

Priced From  $54USD

The iHome Zenergy Meditative Therapy Candle will allow you to experience the ultimate relaxation in your home. It delivers flameless candle effects that makes your environment more peaceful and inviting. Additionally, it produces 4 meditative lighting modes and 8 sleep therapy lighting effects to help you become calm. It also helps you to fall asleep faster by using the famous 4-7-8 yoga breathing method. You can set the timer for sleep and meditation, which will gradually decrease brightness and volume. If you’re looking to have zen-like experience in your home the iHome Zenergy Meditative Therapy Candle is a great option.

Casper Glow Smart Sleeping Light

Priced From  $89USD

The Casper Glow Smart Sleeping Light is designed to help you achieve a deeper sleep by emitting a gentle and warm light to signal to your body to get ready for sleep. It gradually dims once you get into your bed allowing you to slowly and peacefully drift off to sleep. When its time to wake up in the mornings this very clever smart lamp will use soft light to fill your room so you wake up feeling great. The Glow app will allow you to customize your bedtime and morning routine and you can also use the app to sync and manage a group of Glow lights together for your own personal light show. Inside the lamp is a built-in gyroscope which allows you to simply spin the light to change the brightness.

Philips Hues Wellness Lamp

Priced From  $99USD

The Philips Hue Wellness Lamp was designed to help create a very calm and products environment at work and at home. This lamp boasts Philips’s very own White Ambiance bulb with a brushed aluminum design that can produce 50,000 different shades of white. This device also has pre-set settings for every occasion, mood, and need. If you’re looking to create some more vibes you can simply change out the bulb and replace it with a Hue bulb with colour, and you will be able to program the lamp to produce thousands of different colours.

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GE Lighting C by GE Sol Wifi Connected Smart Light

Priced From  $80USD

This very innovative desk lamp has a built-in Alexa smart speaker. With Amazon Alexa on board you’re able to turn the lamp on and off with your voice, set timers, check the weather and play music. It has tons of different colour lighting options that will perfectly fit your mood and also to help promote a better sleep cycle. It’s compatible with a wide range of home devices so it will fit in perfectly inside your smart home.  Read Now: Best Smart Lamps

Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Smart Lamps, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Smart Lamp please comment below.

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