Couchmaster CYBOT – Ergonomic Lap Desk

Couchmaster CYBOT – Ergonomic Lap Desk

With Couchmaster CYBOT Gaming Lap Desk you get a very portable desk setup that gives you a very comfortable way to enjoy gaming wirelessly. This lap desk is made from sustainable bamboo so it’s both light and durable while also having a refined and soft-touch surface.



It utilizes a special ventilation laptop cooling system to provide optimal cooling for up to 17-inch gaming laptop. There’s also a mouse pocket, a universal tablet holder, an extra big mouse pad and more.
The cushions offer superior comfort and the side cushions provide a stable hold. The cushions are also equipped with genuine Kevlar for added protection.
Finally, the CYBOT Gaming Lap Desk allows you to keep your gaming space portable and organized while also giving you the ability to play games from your tablet and laptop on a couch without having to worry about the effects of bad posture.

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