Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charger – REVIEW


Xiaomi is well known for there affordable reliable electronics and this is there very affordable MI 10W wireless charger. 

For the price, I really wasn’t expecting much but I have to say that this 10W charger is well made and a very reliable device.

Its made from a hard plastic-like material that really makes you feel secure about damaging especially if dropped on a hard surface.

At the bottom of the charger, you’ll find non-slick materials that help it to stay put on almost any surface. The top of the charging pad is also covered in that similar non-slip surface to prevent your smartphone or smart device from accidentally sliding.

Once you set your device down for charging there’s a green light that appears on the side that lets you know that charging is in progress.  

The only downside that may deter some consumers is that it doesn’t have quick charge technology. But if your willing to look past that, this 10W charger will get the job for any Qi-compatible device.


To Wrap Thing Up

If you’re on a small budget and need a reliable wireless charger to get things done, I highly recommend Xiaomi MI 10w wireless charger. It doesn’t have fast charging but for the price, there isn’t much that’s better around.

Buy Now $16.99

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