Razer Rogue Gaming Laptop Backpack

Carry your gaming laptop in comfort and style with Razer Rogue Gaming Laptop Backpack.



The Rogue backpack is a very durable backpack that is made by gamers, for gamers. It’s made from high-quality material which is water and tear resistant so all your gear will be protected from daily threats. 


On the inside, the spacious interior is lined with TPU. TPU is a very smooth, scratchproof material which makes it easy to insert and remove whatever gear or accessories you want to carry. It has a dedicated laptop compartment that has plenty of padding to ensure your gaming laptop stays safe and protected. There’s also a secondary compartment to separates your other gear.



The frameless design, padded shoulder straps and back panel is designed to make it easy and comfortable to carry your entire gaming setup. It will also evenly distribute weight across your back, resulting in less fatigue even if you’re carrying a heavy load. Read Next: Best Laptop Backpacks


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