Google Chrome Best New Features for 2020

Google Chrome Best New Features for 2020

The new Chrome has a few great new features that will provide you with a much safer, secure, and more efficient browsing experience. These are the best new features in the newest version of Chrome


Enhanced Protection

When Enhanced Safe Browsing is turned on. Chrome is going to check whether those pages visit or whatever downloading is dangerous and this will happen in real-time. If you’re signed into Chrome, your Google apps offer more protection whenever you’re using Chrome. This helps to fight against malicious downloads and fishing sites. Fishing site is a very dangerous site that looks like the real website to get all your personal information. Google says it will also be adding more to Enhanced safety browsing feature including warnings that are tailored to you.

If you want to turn On this setting. Head to Privacy & Security »» Security and check Enhanced Protection under Safe Browsing.



Safety Check

It can be very hard to stay up to date with news to find out if one of the thousands of services that you sign up for has been compromised. This is where Safety Check comes in. Once you allow Chrome to remember your passwords, Safety Check will tell you if your any of your passwords have been compromised. Not only that, but it will also tell you how to fix them. This will be extremely handy.

Additionally, if you’re about to download a harmful app or extension Safety Check will inform you if you end up on any sketchy sites chrome will now warn you that you are on a dangerous site. If you had an extension that turns out be bad all along, safety check will let you know and help you get rid of it


Cookie setting

Not you will be able to manage and delete Cookies and a per-site basis. Cookies are used to track your web activities; they can keep you signed in to certain sites or let you keep things in a virtual shopping cart. Before this version of Chrome is was either you were going to delete all your cookies or keep all of them, there was no other option. And getting rid of all your Cookies means you will be re-logging into all the sites that you usually use.

With this new per-site option you’ll be able to keep yourself signed in to sites like Amazon while getting rid of other trackers. Google is also updating how cookies work in Incognito mode. Usually, Cookies are deleted when you sign out of an In Cognito session. But with the newest Chrome, you’ll have the option to block third-party cookies while in that session. So, you won’t be getting tracked in whatever you were doing in Incognito Mode.



There’s now a new home for Extensions. In the new version of Chrome, you’ll see a little puzzle piece next to the URL bar. This now provides you with a quick and easy way to access Chrome Extensions. Before this getting to Extensions was a bit complicated especially for those who aren’t really family with the process. It was not impossible to find the Extension menu in the past but this little icon in the toolbar will make it much simpler to access and take care of whatever Extensions you have.


TAB Groups

If you’re a heavy user of Chrome, especially to do a lot of research like comparison shopping. The new Tab Groups feature is going to be your best friend. If you always have a problem locating that you’ve been looking for because of the Tabs that you have open. Now you have stored your tabs in groups. All you have to is right-click on a Tab and set a group. Then you can right-click other Tbs and add them to that group. There are even labels and colour coding that you can set to each group. Google suggests using Emoji for inspiration. You Tab groups are saved once you close Chrome and they pop back up whenever you come back.



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