Alfawise A7 TWS True Wireless Earbuds Review

Alfawise A7 TWS Wireless Mini Earbuds Stereo Bilateral Earphones is a very affordable pair of earbuds that aims to provide a good listening experience at a very cheap price.

After spending a few months with the A7 earbuds this is my full review.


Design & Feel


Considering that the Alfawise A7 TWS Wireless Mini Earbuds Stereo Bilateral Earphones are just under the $20 price tag you do get a well put together package. These earbuds have an all-plastic design made that pretty much on par with most cheap truly wireless earbuds. Plus these earbuds do not have any waterproofing at all. No sort of waterproofing means these cheap true wireless earbuds aren’t ideal for working out or to take to the gym. Instead these earbuds are more design for casual listening.



The earbuds are a bit larger than most but they are extremely lightweight so they won’t feel heavy in the ears. When it comes to comfort these earbuds sit very comfy and stable in the ears once you find the right eartips. And if you can’t seem to get a stable fit you can use the include wingtips you to get great stability an comfort.


The charging case is very lightweight and compact but it is not the smallest case around. Each earbud will easily fit in both ends of the charging case thanks to magnets that hold them in place very securely.  Even if you accidentally drop the case on a hard surface the earbuds will stay securely in place. The carrying case also has an on and off switch so you’re able to manage your power when it necessary.


Playback & Controls

Your able to use any earbud in any ears because unlike most typical the  W7 earbuds doesn’t have a set right or left earbud. The drawback is that because the earbuds aren’t labeled R or L, I kept forget forgetting which buttons did what and which earbud had which controls.

But like all typical true wireless earbuds, you get 1 button on each earbud which gives you a fair amount of control over audio playback. The buttons are located on both earbuds and the allow to play /pause, skip forward, and answer/ end phone calls.



Battery Life

Alfawide 3 hours of playtime. In my tests I got that exact figure playing music at 50% volume and using the carrying case you will be able to get an additional 3 charges. 

The charging case has an on and off switch that allows you to only manage your power my only turning on the charger when needed. When the lid is closed you have 4 LED lights that show how much power is left.



Sound Quality

The sound quality in cheap truly wireless earbuds have never been mind-blowing and with the A7, it’s pretty much the same. The mids and bass are very balanced with the highs being a bit none existent so the vocals can be a bit tame and tinny because of the lack of highs. However, the noise isolation is very good. Overall considering the price audio is enjoyable.



The Alfawise A7 TWS True Wireless Earbuds have a lot of flaws but it gets the job done. For the prices, there aren’t many better true wireless earbuds currently on the market so if you’re on a tiny budget and looking a decent pair of cheap true wireless earbuds the Alfawise A7 TWS True Wireless Earbuds is a great option. But if your willing to stretch your budget to get a pair of truly wireless earbuds with better audio, better battery life, and waterproofing, Read Now: Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under $50

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