PowerA – Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

Enjoy gaming on the go with the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller Rechargeable Gamepad. 


PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

This wireless controller features a very compact and lightweight design while still having standard-size buttons and controls. And for added protection, it also comes with a drawstring pouch to protect and store your controller during transportation.


PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

Thanks to its organic design it very comfortable to hold and game for long hours. It comes equipped with motion controls for intuitive game interactions, analog sticks, and advanced buttons for on the fly button mapping, giving you the versatility dominate all types of gameplay.


PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller

Finally, the PowerA Nano Enhanced Wireless Controller is able to last up to 20 hours on one single charge. So, you’ll have plenty of power to enjoy gaming no matter where you are. 

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