Grovemade Wooden Speaker System

Photo By Grovemade

Designed in collaboration with Joey Roth, the Grovemade Wooden speaker system allows you to enjoy clear and nuanced audio. Its made from solid wood and uses its material acoustic properties to deliver an excellent sound experience.

Photo By Grovemade

This speaker comes mounted on a stainless steel stand that’s covered in leather. The stand not along allows the speaker to sit up off the surface but it also gives it a unique appearance and effect.

Photo By Grovemade

On the inside, it houses a mathematically optimal horn inside which increases low-frequency response without distortion or delay. It also eliminates digital signal processing to deliver a much clearer sound without interference.


The Grovemade Wooden Speaker System is a very beautifully crafted speaker that will be quite at home on our countertop or work desk. It’s available in Walnut and Maple. Read Next: Best Wood Bluetooth Speakers

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