Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless EARBUDS Review 2020

Skullcandy Sesh True Wireless EARBUDS Review 2020

Skullcandy has become one of the respectable companies in the audio space in recent years. This is there new Skullcandy Sesh there affordable pair of true wireless earbuds.


Build & Design

These affordable earbuds not only look good but they feel good in the ears as well. They have a smooth plastic construction that’s similar to most of the competition and the touch buttons on each earbud is covered in a sort of textured silicone covering for maximum protection. The Sesh also has an IPX5 rating which means they are sweat, water, and dust resistant.

They sit great in the ear and provide a lot of comfort thanks to its superlight design. The earbuds are also very stable and won’t fall out even during the most demanding workout activities.

With touch controls on both earbuds you’re able to power off, pause/play, adjust volume up/  down, active voice assistant, skip forward/ back.



The Sesh comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for clean seamless connectivity and you’re able to get up to 80 feet in wireless range.


Battery life

Battery life is where the Sesh comes up short. Your only able to get 3 hours of playtime while you get up to 4 -6 hours from most of the competition. The case will give you an additional 2 charges for a total of 10 hours which is still on the low end. There’s also no fast charging technology but just 1 hour of charge will fully charge the earbuds from dead to full.


Audio Performance

Let’s start off by saying these earbuds are extremely bassy. If you’re familiar with SkullCandy’s Crusher headphones, you will know that they come with huge amount of resonance and deep bassy notes and the Sash is very similar but it’s as clean. So if you’re not into super bassy audio experience you won’t find the Sesh as enjoyable.

The bass can be very overpowering to point the that it suppresses the lower end of vocals. That overpowering bass will also cause listing fatigue for most listeners when using for long hours. The mids are bright and stand out enough to be enjoyable and appreciated. The highs are present but don’t offer a lot of clarity due to overwhelming bass.


To Wrap Things Up

The Skull Candy Sash True wireless earbuds offer a pretty unique audio experience that only bass heads will be able to appreciate. If you’re looking for a more refined audio experience these earbuds aren’t for you. But if you are willing to give these awesome bass-rich earbuds a try, Skullcandy has to put together a great package with great features at an affordable price.

Buy Now $59.99

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