Sony XB32 Review

The Sony XB32 Bluetooth Speaker is the fun and affordable speaker just that bit better when compared to the older Sony XB31 speaker.

We love the placement of the LED lights on the XB32, Sony has made a subtle change to the design and it now makes the speaker look a bit more modern. But if you don’t like the lights for some reason you can always turn them off. And using the Sony Fiestable app, you can change the colours to your liking. You get a wide range of colours to choose from.


This is a speaker that feels good in the hand. The back is coated with a kind of rubberized finish while at the front you get that fabric abrasion resistant cover that protects the drivers. Like its predecessor, the XB32 has an IPX7 rating so it is dustproof, shock-resistant, and waterproof. Making it great for the pool and sandy beaches.


At the top the buttons are clicky are straight forward to control your audio. But you now have a Live Button that will give you a 3D audio experience. At the back under the water-resistant flap, you will find the LED power button, battery indicator button, the Add button which you use to add another speaker, and the Wireless Party Chain (WPC) button. If you’re not familiar with WPC, it allows you to wirelessly connect with other Sony XB speakers and have them play in sync. It also has a 3.5mm jack for physical connections at the back.


Battery Life 

Sony claims that you can get 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. But this in Standard mode with the LED lighting turned off. Sony also discloses that your able to get up to 14 hours with the EXTRA BASS and LEDs turned on. In real-world use with all those features turned on you will get up to 13 hours.




The XB32 doesn’t have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, it instead has the older Bluetooth 4.2 technology but it works really. You will be able to get up to 80 feet in wireless range even with a few walls in-between.


Sound Quality

Let start off by saying that this speaker sounds better than last years Sony XB31. It doesn’t sound as muffled or as recessed. You get great extra bass from this mid-sized portable Bluetooth speaker. The bass is strong with a lot of thump and punch and if you place the back of the speaker closer to a wall or the corner of a room that rear woofer will reflect the bass and improve the audio experience.

The mid-range is much improved over last year vocal is much clearer and will stand out which makes the speaker more enjoyable. The highs are a bit neutral not too bright or overpowering. Read Now: Best Bluetooth Speakers


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