Cavalier Audio Air Wireless Alexa Speaker System

Enjoy music your way with the Cavalier Audio Air Wireless Alexa Speaker System. This Alexa enabled speaker allows you to control this device using just your voice. So, all you have to do ask Alexa to turn up the volume, play a playlist and so much more.

Featuring a large passive radiator and two active drivers, this 20W stereo speaker system device delivers a high-quality sound experience.

Additionally, this beautifully crafted smart speaker boasts wireless charging, so you’re able to charge your Qi-enabled device while you’re enjoying your favourite music. It will even wirelessly charge your phone through the phone case. 

Finally, this speaker offers 2 connectivity options, Bluetooth or W-Fi and it provides an extra USB port so you can charge 2 devices at the same time.


George Pang

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