Beats Fit Pro – Review

Beats Fit Pro – Review

The concept behind the Fit Pro is pretty simple, take Beats iconic Powerbeats Pro Sports Buds with its earhook design and make them smaller. So, there are no more earhooks, Beats have instead gone for smaller wingtips. The wingtip design means that the earbuds will fit inside of your ears instead of outside. Interestingly unlike other wireless earbuds with wingtips, the wings on the Fit Pros have been integrated into the design making it an all-in-one design so they can’t be removed.


Beats Fit Pro

The wingtips and earbuds are made from a soft silicone rubber that’s soft to the touch and make the earbuds very durable. They are lightweight and will fit very comfortably in the ears and stay stable and secure during your most physical activities. And being sport earbuds means that they get an IPX4 waterproofing against water and sweat. 



Beats Fit Pro

You get soft to the touch buttons on each earbud to control your playback, answer calls, activate ANC and Transparency Mode. You can even program the earbuds to have volume controls. And because these earbuds have the latest Apple application, you get access to Hey Seri. With Hey Seri, just give your command to send a message, play and pause your music or even adjust the volume. You can also get your messages read aloud in your ear and reply with your voice.

The Beats Fit Pro will pair with most devices but being an Apple device means that you will lose a few features like Special Audio and always on Hey Seri. That being said, Beats has an app for Android devices that make the earbuds slightly more friendly to Android users.


Battery Life

Beats Fit Pro

Battery life is rated at up to 6-hrs with noise cancelling on and 7-hrs with noise cancelling off at moderate volume levels. Plus, you can get an extra 21-hrs of juice with a charging case. That’s compared to 4.5-hrs for the AirPods Pro with ANC on and 5-hrs with it off. Unfortunately, there is no wireless charging like you would get on its Apple siblings.


Active Noise Cancelling

These earbuds sport Apple’s H1 chip so you’re getting an AirPods Pro like experience with better sound and noise cancelling than the Beats Studio Buds. Plus, a top-notch Transparency Mode that you can use to hear the outside world in a natural way.

Noise cancelling is on par with the AirPods Pro, it’s quite effective in muffling out outside sounds but it’s on the level of the class leaders from Sony and Bose but it’s pretty close.


How do they sound?

Beats Fit Pro

With custom 9.5mm drives and an adaptive EQ, these earbuds produce an awesome audio experience. Honestly, you will be surprised about just how good they sound. They deliver a better sound experience than the Apple earbuds with better clarity with a wide sound stage and deeper bass. Plus you get little to no distortion at high volume.


Top Features

Like the AirPods Pro, these do have ear detection sensors and an enhanced Find My feature with proximity view to help you locate your earbuds whenever you lose track of them.

There is also Special Audio with head tracking. This feature allows you to get virtual surround sound when your watch movies and TV shows on various Apple devices.


Is it worth buying?

Overall, the Beats Fit Pro is a great package for what it is. You get good battery life, ANC, good sound quality, and tuns of features with IPX4 waterproofing. So if you are a beats fan I strongly recommend giving them a try.


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