BuddyPhones WAVE Kids Waterproof Headphones

Image Credit – SoundsGuys

With the BuddyPhones WAVE Kids Waterproof Headphones, your kids will be able to safely enjoy music wherever they go. These headphones feature a waterproof design which means kids can safely enjoy wireless audio even in the pool. Like most kid-friendly headphones the BuddyPhones WAVE uses a sound control circuit to keep the volume at a safe level for children.

Image Credit – SoundsGuys

This Bluetooth headphone will provide over 30-feet in wireless range and more than 20-hours of battery life which is more than enough to last all day.

What makes these kids headphones stand out from most of the competition is that it comes with four unique SafeAudio listening modes to ensure a safe listening experience. Each of these modes has a different decibel level, ranging from 75 to 94db. These four modes include Toddler, Kids, Travel, and Study Mode. Additionally, Study mode will also enhance voice clarity. Thanks to a tangle-free cable and foldable design the BuddyPhones WAVE makes traveling a breeze. Read Next: Best Headphone For Kids

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