Denon HEOS 7 Large Wireless Speaker

Whether for large rooms or outdoor space the Denon HEOS 7 Large Wireless Speaker is the ideal portable speaker. This premium Bluetooth speaker brings HEOS Sound, with Denon’s 100-year legacy and Japanese precision technology to produce a speaker that is passionately engineered with meticulously designed components to deliver exceptional performance.

You’re able to connect the HEOS speaker to your home internet connection and stream directly from apps such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon Music or you can just connect to you’re mobile device via Bluetooth and enjoy your music that way.

Additionally, for voice control, the Denon HEOS 7 responds to voice commands from Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. And Using the HEOS app, your able to manage your speaker or speaker network, if you have more than one connected HEOS speaker. 

Thanks to 5 custom drivers, 5 amplifiers, and 2 passive radiators, the Denon HEOS 7 produces a loud powerful sound experience with a massive amount of bass that’s effective both indoors and outdoors. 

Buy Now $599

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