Razer Junglecat Android Gaming Controller 2020

Razer Junglecat Android Gaming Controller 2020

The Razer Junglecat Android Gaming Controller will enhance your mobile gaming. This controller is designed to improve your precision and accuracy to make sure you get the best gaming experience.

Gamers will find the Junglecat to be very comfortable to hold and a joy to play with for hours on end thanks to its ergonomic design, responsive analogue thumbsticks, and bumper buttons.

That’s not all, what really makes  Android game controller stand out is its modular design. This means you have 4 different ways to use the Junglecat to play games on your phone. So, you’ll have the option to place it in your ideal spot, whether on the left side, the right side, or both sides of your smartphone or away from the smarphone .

And unlike most of the competition, the Razer Junglecat gaming controller has the versatility be used on its own or with an Android device or PC. If the button layout is not to your liking you can simply launch the Junglecat app on your phone and design your preferred button layout.


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