Apple AirPods Pro Review

Apple AirPods Pro Review

Design & Feel

The Apple AirPods Pro now sports a new design. The first thing you’ll notice is just how much smaller they are over the previous versions. The new compact design looks way better in my opinion.


Apple AirPods Pro

The Pro’s are now in-ear earphones, you now have ear tips for a better fit. They are much lighter and comfortable while being able to stay ridiculously stable in the ear even when doing intense workout activities. These are one of the most comfortable and least intrusive true wireless earbuds on the market, they fit and contours to your ears like no other. 

Comment below and let us know if you prefer the fit of the older AirPods or the newer Airpods Pro.

The earbuds are IPX4 rated which means they are water-resistant against splashes. Keep in mind that the earbuds are not waterproof so they cant be submerged underwater. There are better options on the market when it comes to waterproof.



On each earphone, new playback controls are built into the smaller stem these touchpoints are called Force Sensors. This is what you use to control all your functions. 1 squeeze to pause and play, 2 squeezes skip tracks and 3 to go back. If you hold it down you get and audio prompt informing you that it’s switching from transparency Mode to active noise cancelling and vice-versa.

My biggest gripe with the touch sensors on both earbuds is that they don’t offer any way to adjust the volume. So you will have to use your phone. That fact that volume levels can vary between some audio tracks and videos means the volume will need adjusting. But luckily you can tell Seri to lower or raise the volume.

You’re able to activate Seri even when the phone isn’t nearby. But when it comes to Android you cant active Google assistant through the earphones at all. So that one thing to keep in mind.



With  Bluetooth 5.0 technology the AirPods Pro delivers excellent connectivity, it will cover over 102 square meters in wireless range. There’s is zero to no syncing delays on both Apple and Android devices which make video watching lag-free. These earphones can be paired will multiple devices thanks to the excellent Bluetooth coverage the connection can be switched seamlessly.  


Battery Performance

Apple is claiming up to 5 hours in battery life per-use. In real-world use, you will get up to 6 hours of playtime and with the included charging case you can achieve up to 24 hours of playback. 

Quick charging is also available, with just 15 minutes in the case you with be able to get 3 hours of listening time. The charging case also offers wireless charging so you are able to wirelessly charge with any wireless charging pad.


Transparency Mode

This feature works really well. When activated the microphones on the earphone pumps in outside noise, allowing you to hear your outside environment for safety and awareness. When it’s on, outside sounds sound very natural and not amplified so it doesn’t feel like your wearing earphones.


Active Noise Cancelling 

Noise Cancelling the AirPods are pretty impressive. Only the Sony WF-1000XM3 is currently better.  ANC doesn’t cancel out everything, but for what the AirPods offers, it really does a good job. It’s not ideal for planes but it will cancel out most noise at the coffee shop, most air conditioners, fans, and light breezes.


Audio Performance

Bass on the AirPods Pro is definitely better than the older AirPods because of the way the AirPods Pro seal around your ears. The bass is clean without being flat or too boomy, which in turn makes it very balanced. The mids are where you hear a lot of the instruments and vocals with tons of clarity and no distortion whats to ever. The highs are present but it lacks the brightness to make the music pop. Overall the AirPods Pro does deliver a very clean well-rounded audio experience that most consumers will love. 


To Wrap Things Up

The Apple AirPods Pro does are awesome headphones. They look good, sound good, and provides a quality experience for everyday use whether at work or commute. Bluetooth connections in outstanding and is one of the best ANC features on the market for a truly wireless headphone. If you’re in the market for a convenient pair of earbuds that can do it all and still deliver an outstanding sound experience, the AirPods Pro is the ideal true wireless earbuds for iPhone users.

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