Razer Seirēn Elite Streaming Microphone 2020

Designed for streaming, the Razer Seirēn Elite Streaming Microphone allows your listeners to hear your every emotion whenever you speak. Its achieves this with the help of a dynamic capsule which eliminates any interference as well as a low-latency 3.5-millimetre port.

Not only that, but it also has an inbuilt high-pass filter that will cut out all the unwanted frequencies like footsteps to make sure you only record the cleanest and most inviting audio.

The Razer Seirēn Elite Streaming Microphone is ideal for any recording session, whether for Youtube, gaming, Twitch streams, podcasting or much more. It’s a very impressive microphone that has all the quality needed to make sure all listeners hear the emotion behind your every word.

Buy Now $199.99

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