Sony XB72 Wireless Dance Party Speaker

When it comes to portable party speakers, the Sony GTK-XB72 Wireless Dance Party Speaker gives you the ability to have a dance party anywhere.

This awesome speaker is powerful enough to provide serious, deep beats without the support of other speakers. It also has multiple multi-colored LED lights that will provide you with the perfect dance party atmosphere. These colourful LED lights are able to strobe and flash to the beat of whatever song is playing.

The XB72 delivers a Sony’s Signature sound with strong mids and high plus strong deep bass. It can also deliver a more powerful bass sounds that amplify across a room, by simply press the Extra Bass button.

This Bluetooth party speaker also features NFC tap to pair and a Party Chair Mode which allows you wireless connect to more than one speaker and have them play in sync. The Sony GTK-XB72 Wireless Dance Party Speaker is extremely versatile so you can set it upright for tight settings or horizontal if you have the room. Read Next: Best Party Bluetooth Speakers

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