Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds – 2020

Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds

The Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds is the ideal earbuds for extreme athletes or the adventure types. This is because the dial that controls all the playback functions is designed to easily clip on to any strap-like material.

Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds

This means you can attach the dial to your goggle strap, backpack, or anywhere it’s convenient. And that makes it the ideal headphones for extreme athletes. It can be used for multiple sports all year-round.

Whether you’re on the slopes or on the trails you won’t have to remove your gloves because the Vert Clip dial features an easy-to-grip edge so you can easily adjust the volume levels and skipping tracks with your gloves on. There is also an XL button to pause and play songs, take a call, and activate your voice assistant.

Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds

Being a Skullcandy device, you’re getting Skullcandy’s infamous hard-hitting bass-rich song signature, so if you’re not into super bass-heavy audio these earbuds aren’t for you. You get to play and rock out to your favourite tunes for up to 10 hours.

Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds

If by some chance you lose or misplace these Skullcandy headphones you don’t have to panic because the earbuds have a built-in Tile tracker so you can use your smartphone to track down and locate there the last known location.

Skullcandy Vert Clip-Anywhere Wireless Earbuds

Finally, because these earbuds are made specifically for the outdoors, you’re always able to stay aware of your environment so you never get caught off-guard.

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