Best True Wireless Earbuds

Best True Wireless Earbuds

It’s hard to believe how much true wireless earbuds have taken over the audio space in such a short time. Just a few years ago most buys stayed away from these types of earbuds because of how much the earbuds were easy to lose, they didn’t offer good sound quality or any unique features, and how awful the wireless connect was. But since then, the technology has been rapidly improving in every category making them the go too option for wireless headphone users. These are picks for the best true wireless earbuds. If these models are still too rich for your blood, check out our picks for Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under   /$20   /$50/   $100


Powerbeats Pro

Whether you’re an athlete or just love going to the gym, you are going to love the Powerbeats Pro high-performance earphones. These earbuds have an ear hook design which helps to provide more stability during your workout activities. The earbuds are also able to sit in your ears nice and snug, Beats have redesigned these earbuds to be smaller, more compact and they won’t penetrate your ears too much to start feeling uncomfortable unlike most of the other premium true wireless earbuds.

Battery life is one of the best and most impressive on the market with up 9-hours of listing time and up to 24-hours with the charging case. In Addition, just 5-minutes of charge will give you 1.5-hours and with a further 15-minutes of charge, you will you 4-hours of use.

Just like the AirPods, you get Apples amazing H1 chip you plus access to Siri, so you get the convenience and continuity of easily connecting it between all of your devices. Like most of the latest earbuds, you get touch controls to control audio playback and the music will automatically pause whenever you take the earbud out of your ear. You get Beats sound signature so they a very bass-heavy with emphasis on the lows so mids and highs aren’t as clear and vibrant as the AirPods. The Power Beats Pro is currently the best pair of true wireless earbuds for workouts and exercise, we highly recommend giving them a try. 


Apple AirPods Pro

The redesigned Apple AirPods Pro wireless earbuds are more compact, lightweight and comfortable than the previous versions. These earphones now sit inside your ears to provide more comfort and stability, so you’ll want to wear them all the time. And because you can talk to Siri and make phone calls, you’ll probably rarely have to remove them.

Additionally, these active noise-cancelling headphones also offer Transparency Mode. With this feature, you’ll be able to hear your surroundings. So whether you’re at the gym or out for a morning jog, you will be able to know who and what is around you. Read Our Full Review


Samsung Galaxy Buds +

The updated Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 offer some great improvement over the previous version making it one of the best all-around pair of wireless buds on the market. comfy and stable in the ear and have passive noise isolation to block out outside environmental noises. One of the few drawbacks of the Galaxy Buds 2 is the earbuds still has an IPX2 water-resistant rating so we wouldn’t recommend dropping them in water. Even though these true wireless earbuds are optimized for the Samsung Galaxy S10 line, as proven by the proprietary scalable codec, but they also work perfectly with iPhone devices.

One of the biggest improvements of the Galaxy Buds 2 is the battery life. You’re able to get an impressive 11 hours of playtime and 20 hours total with the charging case. Plus, just 3 minutes of charging will get you an hour worth of use. The case also has Qi wireless charging, so it can be charged with any wireless charger.

The audio quality is excellent, the drivers are tuned by AKG. So audio is reproduced accurately and clearly with an ample amount of bass even during moments that are crowded by overlapping instruments. And similar to most of the competition the Galaxy Buds have sensitive and intuitive touch controls which allow you to swipe and tap for all your playback controls. The earbuds also have ambient sound so you’ll be able to hear your environment surroundings by pressing and holding the touchpad.


Amazon Echo Buds 2

The Amazon Echo Buds come jam-packed with a ton of great features along with access to Alexa. These second-gen earbuds now boast active noise cancelling technology and it does a decent enough job in blocking out outside noise. Buyers should note that when ANC is on it does affect your audio and this might be a turn off for some. Furthermore, the Echo Buds 2 are splash-proof and is running Bluetooth 5.0 technology with ACC and SBC playback.

The battery life is pretty low on these earbuds with each earbud only offering 5 hours of playtime and 15 hours total with ANC on. But on the plus side, it has fast charge technology so just 15 minutes of charge will give the 2 hours of play. Using the Alexa app, you can stream music, play Audible audiobooks, make calls, get directions and so much more. The app also has a find my buds feature to help you locate your earbuds if you lose track of them.


Jaybird VISTA 2

Jaybird Vista 2

The Jaybird Vista 2 are a great pair of earbuds for those who live an active lifestyle. While most of the competition typically has an IPX rating of 3 or 5 which means they can only handle splashes and sweat, the VISTA has them beat with an IP68 military-spec rating for protection against dust, water, sweat, and drops. Jaybird has also given the wireless charging case an IP54-rating you won’t have to worry about getting it wet or muddy on your outdoor adventures.

Listeners can enjoy their audio for up to 8-hours and a total of 24-hours with the charging case. Plus, thanks to quick charge technology, just 5 minutes of charge will give you a solid 1-hour of playtime. Moreover, the Vista 2 no offers active noise cancelling and a feature call SurroundSense mode. ANC won’t be as effective as the Sony’s but they will good job in blocking a good amount of outside sounds. While SurroundSense gives you the ability to hear what’s going on around you so you’re always aware of your surroundings.

With Jaybirds colourful sound signature, you get great sound quality with strong, bright mids and great clear highs. The earbuds are bass boosted, which means you get a very fast and punchy bass experience. And with the Jaybird app, you have access to tons of EQ option to customize the audio to any particular style. The app also gives you the ability to locate your earbuds or the charging case should you misplace them.


Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony 1000XM4

The Sony WF-1000XM4 true wireless earbuds are still hands down some of the best noise-cancelling truly wireless earbuds on the market today. These powerful earbuds have a dedicated app that gives you the ability to control how much outside noise you hear.  Sony has also included an Adaptive Sound Control feature, which uses gyroscopes that are located inside the earphones to work out if you are stationary, walking, running or on transit and automatically adjust the noise-cancelling to that particular surroundings. Read Full Review



Sennheiser Momentum 2

The updated Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless Earbuds currently delivers the best audio performance of any true wireless earbud on the market. Each earbud has touch-sensitive controls that let you swipe or tap to control audio playback. Both earbuds have customisable touchpad technology built so you can set up the controls to suit your style.

The Momentum 2 has excellent ANC performance, it’s on par with the 1000XM3’s which is pretty high praise. When it comes to Active Noise Cancelling you also get the newest Bluetooth technology Bluetooth 5.1 technology along with AAC, SBC and aptX low latency.

These aren’t bassy headphones but you do get ample bass which the average consumer will like. You also get very neutral mids and highs for an overall balanced audio experience. Battery life has also been improved with listeners now able to get 7 hours of playtime and around 28 hours total using the case. The earbuds automatically stop when your earbuds are removed and seamlessly resumes when you put them back in.

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