Seagate Barracuda Fast Portable SSD

Seagate Barracuda Fast Portable SSD

With the Seagate Barracuda Fast Portable SSD, you’ll be able to transfer your data in a flash. It will deliver accelerated SSD speeds of up to 540MB/s, so can enjoy faster installations and booting.




It also a very sleek and rugged design thanks to its aluminium texture exterior and it will even to match your other devices.

This superfast external drive is available in 3 sizes. There’s a 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB so you’ll have all the storage you need to take care of all your important information. With the largest 2 TB SSD being able to hold up to 50 movies. 


Whether for working, playing or streaming at top speed, this speedster is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. 

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