UE HyperBoom

UE Bluetooth speakers have been all the rage in recent years because if there bulletproof design, awesome sound quality and the fact that there extremely portable to carry around. This is there new UE HYPERBOOM party speaker. And it is nothing like the smaller cylindrical Boom speakers that we all are used to.



How it looks

UE Hyperboom

This speaker looks much different from the smaller Wonderboom and Boom speakers. As you can see, it now has a scare shape to it. It no longer sports the signature cylindrical shape. This HYPERBOOM is also pretty big and heavy weighing 5.9kg. And with portability in mind, it also does come with a very useful builtin rubber strap for picking it up and carrying it around.

Being a UE speaker you will find some of the same design elements that we have come know you UE for, like the plus and minimum volume buttons. The fabrics are water-resistant and not waterproof like you’ll find on the Wonderboom. Taking it to the beach or to the pool won’t be a problem as long as u don’t drop or submerge it into water.



Controls & Functions

At the top is where you will find all your play functions and the power button. The flat surface at the top of the speaker also makes the perfect spot to put your phone down when you’re listening to music. And because the buttons only identify touch your phone won’t interfere with volume buttons.



One-Touch Music Control

One-Touch Music Control is a useful feature makes playing your favourite song much easier. Using UE app you can choose up to 4 playlists that will automatically play when you long-press the play button on top of the speaker. It’s currently limited to Amazon music and Apple music but not Spotify.



What kind of ports does it have?

Under the rubber flap along the side, you get a USB output to charge your devices, a 3.5mm jack for wired connections, and an optical input. This means you can connect it to your TV and use it as a soundbar to improve your listening experience.




You’re able to get an impressive 150 feet in wireless range with no connection issues. The only letdown when it comes to Bluetooth wait doesn’t really offer any high-quality codec to give the best audio transmission. But UE has come up with a brilliant solution which allows the speaker to connect to 2 phones at the same time. With 2 Bluetooth inputs, while you connected to the first Bluetooth input playing music, a friend can come and connect to the second Bluetooth input in the background without interfering with your playback. This a great option to have at parties and small get-togethers.


Battery Life

So as you would expect from a speaker at this size battery life is really good. UE Claims 24 hours of playtime at 50% volume and 3 hours of playback at max volume. IN really world use at 50% volume, you can expect 22 you’re which is still very good. And because the speaker gets really loud you’ll rarely ever need to turn up to max volume.


How does it sound?

It sounds pretty good and it’s pretty bassy. It’s a true party speaker. It has Doul 115mm woofers so the bass is nice and loud and rumbling. The mids are strong and clear. The two 25mm tweeters did a good job of handly the highs, vocals parent super clear but its still very enjoyable. And even at high volume, there are no distortions.


To wrap thing up

If you have the money to spend, then no doubt you should get the UE Hyperboom speaker Its a really fantastic party speaker that now fills a void that UE was mixing out on. UE has made a very unique speaker that’s well put together.

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