Koble Zain Smart Side Table

Koble Zain Smart Side Table

The Koble Zain Smart Side Table is a very solid looking smart device that offers functionality and versatility without ever cluttering up your home or living speaker. This sleek table not only holds your cup of coffee but also doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker system and charging station.


Koble Zain Smart Side Table

It features an integrated wireless charging pad, so you don’t have to have a bunch of cables plugged in. You can simply place any Qi-compatible device like a smartphone on the table to add power. And if you have extra electronics to charge, the table also has a built-in USB charging port.

Koble Zain Smart Side Table

The built-in Bluetooth speaker delivers 360-degree sound with a 40W subwoofer. You get a seriously impressive with warm, crystal clear, immersive audio with strong bass and no distortion even at the highest volume. Furthermore, there are different EQ modes to provide additional versatility depending on what you’re using the speaker for.


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