Moonbow Adjustable Memory Pillow

Moonbow Pillow

Eliminated all your neck and back pain for good while you lay your head to rest with the Moonbow Memory Pillow. 



Moonbow Pillow

This extremely plush memory foam pillow uses luxuriously dense foam that’s designed to keep your neck straight and relaxed by cradling your head at the perfect height. And because the memory foams have fast rebounding ability, the pillow will re-shape to your head whenever you shift positions or turn over.



Moonbow Pillow

One of the best and most unique features of this super comfortable pillow is that it’s fully adjustable. It has 5 removable layers of memory foam on the inside which gives you the ability to add and remove each memory foam layer to adjust the thickness to find the perfect sweet spot for your neck and head.



Moonbow Pillow

Currently, the Moonbow Memory Pillow is in a league of its own thanks to its levels of customizable and comfort. And once you lay your head to rest on Moonbow Pillow you’ll enjoy deep sleep again free from neck pain.


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