Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Take the party anywhere with the Soundcore Motion Plus. This party speaker is great for any occasion thanks to its super-rugged design that’s backed by an IP67 rating which means it’s fully water and dust resistant. So you can take it to the beach, camping or any outdoor adventure.


The Soundcore Motion Boom Plus boasts two 30W woofers for strong deep bass and two 10W tweeters that give you crystal clear clarity. It’s tuned to separate the bass, mids, and highs to make sure you don’t lose any detail of whatever song you are listening to. It delivers an extensive and powerful audio experience that’s great indoors and outdoors. And if the audio is not to your standard you can customize and tune the EQ settings based on your listening style.


Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Battery life is rated at around 20-hours at mid-volume with bass features off so you have plenty of power the keep the party going all night long. And if your mobile device is ever running low on power you can plug it into the back of the speaker for a charge.


Soundcore Motion Boom Plus

Moreover, it runs Bluetooth 5.3 which means you won’t have any connection issues while you enjoy up to 50-feet in wireless range. Moreover, with Soundcore’s Party Cast feature you can connect up to 100 Soundcore speakers and have them all play together.

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