JBL REFLECT Eternal Solar-Powered Headphones

JBL REFLECT Eternal Solar-Powered Headphones

With JBL REFLECT Eternal Solar-Powered Headphones you’ll never have to worry about battery life again. That’s because these unique headphones are solar powered so you can get all your power from the sun.

JBL REFLECT Eternal Solar-Powered Headphones

Spending just 2 hours in the sunlight per day will essentially give you a gigantuous 168-hours battery life. 

JBL REFLECT Eternal Solar-Powered Headphones

And even if your just able to get an hour and a half in sunshine, this self-powering headphone will still provide you with a monstrous 68 hours of playtime. This makes the REFLECT even more impressive the just about most of the wireless headphones on the market when it comes to battery life.

JBL REFLECT Eternal Solar-Powered Headphones

If you find yourself needing some power and there is no sunlight around, you can simply plug and charge via the USB charging power. This means you get 2 different charging options.

JBL engineers have utilized their expertise in speaker production to design these headphones with uncompromised JBL signature sound.


Buy Now $99.00

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