Nuraphone ANC Headphone – REVIEW

The Nuraphone has to be one of the most unique looking headphones that we have seen.

Design & Build

The design of this headphone is all about the experience.

This is far from your typical active noise cancelling headphone. The first thing you notice when you first set eyes on this headphone are those little knobs inside the earcups that stick out. These knobs probe your ears just like earphones.

The Nuraphones headband is completely metal with a little bit of plastic at the top and a silicon band underneath. Its extremely rugged and durable and has a one-piece construction so there are foldable hinges and no rotating arms either.

It has adjustable hinges that are similar to the Sennheiser HD 1 headphones. It’s very comfortable to wear but because it does have some weight, it will start to feel a bit heavy on the head and will cause some neck fatigue when wearing for prolonged hours.

The funky looking eartips will sit in your ears quite secure without the need to jam them down into your ear canals like you would with traditional earbuds.

Playback & Control

There are no buttons at all on the Nuraphone so putting them on will fire it up and you will then get a voice prompt.

It has touch sensitive areas on both earcups to control playback and its very responsive. Nurasound gives you the ability to customize your playback touch controls through the app. The commands work by tapping certain areas on the earcups and you can only do a single tap or a double tap gesture.

I am not a fan of this touch feature. First of all, you can only set 2 commands at a time so you will have to sacrifice a command. It can also get very frustrating when you want to skip to a previous track or just turning the volume up and down. Another irritant is whenever you try to adjust the headphones on your head you always end up triggering a touch command. Most of the competition with similar touch technology works much better and provides a lot for functionality.

Audio Profile

The Nuraphones have super sensitive microphones inside so once you download the app you go through about a minute of audio samples so the app can obtain your hearing profile. When these futuristic tones go through your ear, your eardrum will vibrate and send those signals to your brain so it can interpret the sounds. Your eardrums then send sounds back out through the ears and this sound is then picked up by the super sensitive microphones built into the headphone which will then create your own personal audio profile through the Nuraphone app. Nuraphone shapes the audio to your listening style based on different levels of sensitivity in your ear.

Battery Life

Nurasound claims a battery life of 20-hours. In real-world use at 50% volume, you will actually get an impressive 26-hours on a single charge.


You will only get 50-feet in wireless range before audio starts to go in and out. Compared to the competition this is actually pretty low. But you are able to pair more than one device which is a big plus.

Active Noise Cancelling

The Nuraphones are exceptional when it comes to active noise cancelling, these headphones block out almost as much outside interference as the current king of ANC headphones the Sony 1000X M3.

For me, both headphones do an amazing job but they offer different experiences.

Sound Quality

Now before I start, please remember that these headphones will provide a different listening experience for each individual because of the unique audio profile it creates.

The first thing to know is that not one frequency stands out and there is none that is too underwhelming. Everything is clean, well detailed, and highly accurate. There is a large amount of depth in the audio, vocals in the forefront and instruments in the background are separated and identifiable which provides a higher resolution and a wide soundstage.

It’s an experience that unlike no other and it hands done one of the best around. Read Now:  Best Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

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