The New Apple iPod Touch

This new Apple iPod Touch now sports the A12 Fusion Chip so you’re now able to take your on-the-go abilities even further.

Its boast a new and improved chip that makes it as fast as the iPhone 7 while also sharing much of the same functionalities. This means this new iPod gets up to 2 times faster performance and up to 3 times faster graphics when compared to the previous version. You can also perform FaceTime conversations and launch ARKit apps.

You don’t get Face or Touch ID on this new iPod, but you get great storage options from 32GB all the way up to 256GB. So, you’re able to store tons of music, videos, and apps for your entertainment.

It’s running on iOS 12 and can be updated when the newest software is available. Unlike most of the latest Apple devices, this device is armed with a headphone jack so you’re able to get the best audio experience with your wired headphone.

Complete with an 8MP camera and support for 1080p video, the new iPod Touch is complete with a 4-inch Retina display that sure to bring all your content to life.

George Pang

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