Best Smart Displays 2020

Best Smart Displays 2020

Smart Displays are slowly becoming more and more popular and with some biggest electronic manufacturers like JBL and Lenovo provide options, now is a great time to add one of the awesome devices into your smart home. Smart displays offer the same features of an Alexa or Google smart speaker but with the functionality of a tablet. So, you’re able to give commands and see your results in images or videos. Like smart speaker, the screen on a smart display can also help you to control your smart home and walk you through recipes step by step when you’re in the kitchen and so much more.






Nest Hub

This device has Google smart assistant smart and features an 8-inch display that provides visual results every time you interact with Google. This makes it perfect for following recipes in the kitchen. In fact, with recipes, you get step by step and hands-free instructions. 

You can also listen to music, view your calendar, receive alerts and reminders, and control devices from the single dashboard, and voice control lets you access other smart features. This Google Nest Hub lets you listen to music from Spotify and Pandora and view YouTube content. View More Google Smart Speaker

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JBL Link View

Priced From  $199USD

The JBL Link View is currently the best-sounding smart display. It features Google voice assistant. So, it can do everything the Lenovo can. You can make video calls, watch YouTube videos and see a relevant video when you ask for the news.

The screen even helps out to control your smart home and helps you to walk through recipes step by step. But what sets the JBL apart is the sound quality. Audio quality is one of the best on any smart display speaker on the market. So, you get very punchy bass and strong rich vocals.

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Amazon Echo Show 8

Echo Show 8

Being an Amazon device, the Show 8 features the Alexa voice assistant and offers an 8inch HD display. The screen lets you see what music you’re playing so you can pause, or skip tracks, and even view lyrics on some Amazon Music tracks. Check weather and traffic as you head out and more. It delivers a great audio experience, Amazon has really tinkered and refined their own sound quality Voice and video calls are supported, though to do video calls, you’ll need to call another Echo Show.  Read Now: Best Smart Speakers

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Google Nest Hub Max

With this Google smart device, you’ll be able to do it all right from the kitchen. Like its smaller sibling, the Nest Hub Max features Google assistant and connects to all your devices. It has a 10-inch HD screen that delivers sharp images and text.

It has a built-in 6.5MP camera that can recognize you as soon as you walk in and deliver your personal updates, recommendations, schedule, and more. The camera also functions as a security device which can deliver alerts if you have a guest it doesn’t recognize. Or, you can use the camera for easy video chats.

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