August Wi-Fi Smart Lock 4th Generation 2020

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The first thing you’ll notice about this newer version of the August smart lock is how much more compact it is. August says it is 45%  smaller than previous locks and it also sports a new pattern along the edge. Otherwise its pretty much the same as previous locks, it’s just smaller.


What Makes This Lock So Awesome?

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The reason why this lock is such a big deal is that it has Wi-Fi built-in and that very rear to find on a smart lock because of the battery drain. This is the first August Lock to actually use Wi-Fi. With previous versions, you had to buy a separate $80 connect module or you had to use Bluetooth.

When it comes to the battery this smart lock is powered by 2 CR123 batteries which will last 3- 6 months. The previous version only used ordinary AA batteries. 


Setting it up

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Like previous August Locks, this new version is also retrofitted, which mean it’s able to work with your existing deadbolt. 

It’s easy to use and easy to set up. You simply follow the instructions and enter your Wi-Fi info into the August app and you’re ready to go.


The advantage of Wi-Fi

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

But this August Smart Lock has Wi-Fi built-in, you are not limited to Bluetooth range when you want to control the device. So, you can lock and unlock your door from just about anywhere that your phone has a data connection.


A few Key Features

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  • You can set up things smart notifications which are flexible and intuitive. So you’ll always know if you left the door open or if someone has unlocked your door manually and you can do much more.
  • You can set up an auto-lock when you leave and have it automatically unlock when home.
  • You can also control the lock with your smart speaker of choice whether its a Siri, Amazon or Google smart speaker.


What I don’t like

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

I think August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a bit overpriced and could be a tad cheaper. 

Even though you get a notification when the battery is at 25% there is no way to check your battery life. Having a to check your battery usage would be a very welcome addition in the app.


To Wrap Things up

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is easy to use and easy to set up and like previous versions, this August smart lock is fully featured and very intuitive making if the best smart lock to have on your door.

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