PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses

PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses

The PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses is designed to help those who struggle with insomnia to get a better night’s rest.

Thank to years of research achievement at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, PEGASI works by filtering out the harmful blue light and only leaves the beneficial wavelengths. This specific wavelength blue-green light stimulates the human nervous system, which gives a signal to regulate the level of melatonin secretion and solve sleep problems scientifically.

This means that these therapy glasses can help people who deal with Seasonal Affective Disorder or sleep issues. And the fact that your sleeping better will, in turn, improve your mood and daily energy levels. The light wavelength that’s emitted in the blue to green spectrum helps boost your overall mood.

The PEGASI 2 Smart Light Therapy Glasses are easy to use anywhere. All you need to do is simply wear them for 30 minutes in the morning between 7 and 9 am. After doing this, you should notice that you feel better in about a week.

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