WRZ S8 Wireless Earbuds Review

The WRZ S8 Wireless Headphones are very affordable wireless headphones that are gear towards sports and casual listening. 


Build & Design

Like most sports headphones the S8 headphones have an all-plastic design. And despite the price, that all-plastic construction will inspire a lot of confidence in the durability of the headphones. 

Each earphone also has silicone earhooks that will provide a more secure and stable fit in your ears thus allowing you to handle any kind of workout activity.

Additionally, if you prefer the earbuds without the earhooks they can easily be removed to offer a better fit. And for protection and security, the S8 has an IPX6 rating which means its sweat and water-resistant. So you can even use them in the shower with no issue.

On the right side of the right earphone is where you’ll find the 3 button controls for audio playback.


Battery Life

WRZ claims a battery life of 10 hours. But in my tests, playing music at 50% volume I was able to get 11+ hours of playtime consistently each time. Even for a cheap pair of headphones, that’s pretty good. You can listen to your favourite tracks add day with no worries.



You get the latest Bluetooth headphones 5.0 technology which is a huge plus especially when you consider that most of the headphones in this price range only offer Bluetooth 4.2.

Pairing is quick and easy with your mobile device and it delivers great Bluetooth signal strength with a wireless range of over 33 feet even with a few walls in between.

One of the most impressive things about the S8 is that you’re able to watch movies and video and play games with no latency or syncing issues thanks to the excellent data transmission speeds Bluetooth 5.0 brings.


Sound Quality

One of the first things you will notice is how loud these headphones can get. You will be strongly impressed by its volume levels and sound isolation of this headphone.

The mids are very strong with a lot of clarity. But the highs are a bit tame and it does get overpowered by the mids. You get strong punchy bass that’s not deep or overpowering. The sound quality in cheap Bluetooth earphones have never been mind-blowing and with this WRZ S8, it’s pretty much the same. But audio is acceptable and very enjoyable.



 If you’re looking for a cheap reliable pair of wireless earbuds for jogging, cycling, work, casual listing, workout or exercise, then I highly recommend the WRX S8 Bluetooth Earbuds. There are better options that deliver a much better sound experience if you’re willing to spend more. But if this is in your price range then is its a good option.

Buy Now $16.98

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