Best Backpacks for the Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

Best Backpacks for the Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is the most portable gaming console on the market. Its small size means you can just grab the entire Nintendo Switch console system and go. This means you can enjoy gaming from just about anywhere. But with the vast amount of Switch accessories that are at your disposal means a typical carrying case just won’t be enough to carry your entire gaming arsenal. You are going to need a backpack. There are a few backpacks on the market that are designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch System and all its accessories. Below we have rounded up the most comfortable and durable backpacks on the market that will carry your Nintendo console and all its accessories safely and securely. 


Animal Crossing Switch Case

Nintendo switch backpacks

If you are a big fan of Animal Cross this sleek lightweight shoulder bag is a great option. It’s perfect for those who are constantly on the go and need a bag that’s small, durable and versatile to carry around. It has 2 sections which are more than enough to fit your Switch console and a few essential accessories. And with your comfort in mind, this single strap bag sports breathable meshing at the back panel for heat dissipation and cooling while you are on the go. 

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The Legend of Zelda Backpack

If you are a huge Zelda fan then you’re going to love this Legend of Zelda Backpack. Licensed by Nintendo, this backpack is assembled with high-quality 600D polyester and is decorated with the Divine beasts from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. 

It also has quality padded storage pockets on the inside that will securely hold your Switch Console, dock and more. The shoulder straps are adjustable and designed to provide over the shoulder comfort while you are on the move. 

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Controller Gear Animal Crossing: New Horizons  Backpack

Animal Crossing New Horizon

Approved by Nintendo for durability and quality, this officially licenced backpack is the go-to bag for fans of Animal Crossing New Horizons. It’s designed with leaf patterns and an embossed picture of Tom Nook for everyone to see.

Moreover, this New Horizon backpack is water-resistant and strong enough to handle abuse while keeping your console and accessories protected. You will be able to fit your Nintendo Switch Console, games, accessories and more. 

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Nintendo Switch System Backpack Elite Edition

The Nintendo Switch System Backpack Elite Edition is an officially licensed Nintendo backpack. It boasts a very spacious design with an abundance of slots and pockets to fit your entire Nintendo Switch console system plus a 15-inch laptop, extra Joy-Cons, cables, games, headphones, pro controller and so much more. It also has padded straps for added comfort making it a great backpack for both long and short journeys.

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PowerA Everywhere Messenger Bag 


This is another exclusive Zelda Breath of the Wild bag that is designed by PowerA. And like so many of the bags on our list this messenger bag is Officially Licensed by Nintendo.

This bag sports a 2-in-1 design with a removable internal case that’s designed to protect and hold the Switch console when in handheld mode.

On the inside, it has plenty of fitted compartments that will keep all your important accessories safe. Finally, the shoulder strap is fully adjusted and has padding for added comfort.

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Super Mario Travel Bag

best backpacks for Nintendo switch

This small portable sling backpack is a lightweight bag that’s made from a durable splash-resistant nylon material designed to keep your device and accessories protected from spills and splashes. The interior of the large compartment has enough storage space to fit your Switch console with a hard case. While the inner pockets will hold a few of your essential accessories such as earphones, keys etc. Finally, if you are a fan of Mario, you will appreciate the unique sling pants style design like the Mario character.

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Locking Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

With the Magictodoor Anti-theft System Locking Carry Case, your Nintendo Switch will be fully protected against theft and damage. This carry case is your very own mobile safe that’s designed for travel. It boasts a top-quality 4-digit combination TSA-approved lock for ultimate security. If you’re a frequent air traveller the lock has a keyhole that allows the TSA to use their special TSA key to unlock it.

On the inside, it has lots of padding with premium quality pre-cut EVA foam slots with contoured designs specifically for your Nintendo Switch and accessories like a Pro controller.  Additionally, this formidable carry case is lightweight with a crush-resistant, anti-shock, and weather-resistant shell that’s backed by a durable precision steel-rimmed zipper to ensure maximum protection. 

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Retear Game Elite Traveling Backpack

Nintendo Switch Backpack -Retear Game Elite Traveling Backpack

The Retear Game Elite Traveling Backpack is the Switch backpack that has specially designed pockets for your Joy-Cons, dock, cables, games, headphones, pro controller and your personal accessories. Plus, a separate laptop compartment that can hold up to a 15-inch laptop should you need it.

With your comfort in mind, this travel bag has a comfortable airflow foam back pad design with soft, multi-panel breathable mesh padding for superior back support. The shoulder straps have a decompression design that will relieve stress on your shoulders.

Its made from water repellent, tear-resistant, anti-scratch oxford fabric, and uses double-sided smooth zippers and reinforced stitching to reinforce lasting durability. So, no matter where life takes you can be assured that all your gear will be protected from the elements.

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