LYPERTEK TEVI Truly Wireless EARBUDS – Review

LYPERTEK TEVI Truly Wireless EARBUDS – Review

The LYPERTEK TEVI Truly Wireless Earbuds is a pair of budget-friendly true wireless earbuds that’s been compared to excellent Sennheiser Momentum Truly Wireless earbuds in terms of audio quality by some reviewer. I will be providing you with a full review of these affordable earbuds while also giving you my honest opinion when comparing it to Sennheiser.


Build & Design

The LYPERTEK TEVI Truly Wireless Earbuds have an all-plastic design with chrome accents on the front-facing sides of the earbuds. This kind of design language is what you typically get on earbuds in this price sort of price range. It doesn’t feel cheap and it doesn’t feel premium.

These earbuds are IPX7 certified which means they can be submerged underwater and handle most water situations so you never have to worry about any water damage.

Both earbuds sit very comfortably and stable in the ears no matter which silicone eartips you choose, but during vigorous movements, they will loosen and start to fall out.

Both earbuds have buttons instead of touch-sensitive controls. With each button, you are able to play/ pause/ answer calls, adjust volume up/ down, skip forward/ back and turn the earbuds off.


Battery Life

The TEVI’s are rated at an impressive 10 hours per use. In real-world use at 50% volume, you will be able to get 9+ hours of playtime which is still more impressive than a lot of the higher-end true wireless earbuds on the market. And with the charging case, you get an additional 60 hours of battery life. And thanks to quick charging technology just 50 minutes of charging gives you 2 hours of playback.



You get the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology but connectivity isn’t the best indoors. Other similarly priced true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 delivers much better signal strength and wireless range. 


Audio Experience

First off let’s talk about the Bass. It’s a bit tame and could be a bit stronger with a bit more depth. The lack of bass is something even those who are not into bass heavy music will agree on. The mids are where these earbuds stand out with the clarity and detail to provide an excellent sound stage. The highs don’t stand out as much as the mids but it’s still pretty good it’s never overpowering or ear ringing to cause listing fatigue. It is very pleasant and enjoyable.

When compared to Sennheiser Momentum Truly wireless earbuds, in my opinion, there’s not much of a comparison. The Sennheiser is the way a more expensive pair of earbuds and you can tell this in the audio great audio experience it delivers. The TEVI’s aren’t as good overall. The Momentum delivers more bass and crisper highs but the mids are where these earbuds are similar with both sets of earbuds offering similar but excellent depth in the left and right channels, which provides an immersive audio experience.


To Wrap Things Up

For the price, the LYPERTEK TEVI Truly Wireless earbuds are a great pair of affordable true wireless earbuds. They shine in every single category except for the bass. In my opinion, it doesn’t quite deliver an audio experience that’s as good as the Sennheiser Momentum’s but that’s ok because considering the price these earbuds are excellent value.  If you are willing to look past the lack of bass you should give them a try.

Buy Now $89.90

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