Layla Sleep Hybrid Mattress

Layla Sleep Hybrid Mattress

The Layla Sleep Hybrid Mattress offers 2 options in one mattress. This versatile mattress boasts Layla Sleep’s signature Flippable Firmness which means you get 2 sides on 1 mattress with 2 different sleeping option. One side of the mattress offers a softer and plusher feel, while the other side provides a firmer and even more, supportive feel.


Layla Hybrid Mattress

What makes all of this possible with this Hybrid Mattrass is that it’s been designed with copper-infused memory foam and an individually wrapped coil spring system. The copper-infused foam will transfer heat away from your body faster, resulting in a much cooler sleeping experience. And because copper is naturally anti-microbial, the copper gel in this mattress will form an antimicrobial barrier that resists odour-causing bacteria.



Additionally, it also boasts one of the most advanced individually wrapped coil systems at its core. So, you get superior edge support whenever you sit on the edge of the bed. Plus, it is available in sizes ranging from Twin to California King. 

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