Fatboy Lamzac XXXL Inflatable Lounger

With on the summer horizon chances are you will be going out to a park for a picnic or headed to a few outdoor concerts. The Fatboy Lamzac XXXL Inflatable Lounger is the perfect is your very own portable sofa that you can take with you.

This extremely comfortable portable lounge is really easy to carry around with you because it comes with a carry bag. One of the best things about the lounge is that once get to your location, you can inflate this blow-up lounge bed in just ten seconds. And it also has a waterproof coating, so it doesn’t matter if the ground a bit damp or wet.

It has enough space for at least 2 people and can handle a maximum weight capacity of 661 pounds which should be safe enough for you and your friends.

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George Pang

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