Segway S-PLUS

Segway S-PLUS

The Segway S-PLUS provides a great way to cruise around the block or to make a quick trip to the shops to get some groceries. 


Segway S-PLUS

It might look difficult to handle but this hoverboard features a balancing algorithm that helps to prevent you from falling. It’s designed to keep you stable and balance while you’re on the move, even when you’re carrying heavy items. 


Segway S-PLUS

Moreover, the dual 400W motors can accelerate quickly and climb smoothly uphill with relative ease. You will be able to reach a top speed of 12mph and travel a maximum range of 22mph.


The S-Plus also boasts a multifunction remote control which makes navigating very simply and easy. There is also a Follow mode, which allows your Segway to automatically follow you around so you can stay hands-free.


Finally, it features 11-inch air-filled tires and rugged and reliable build quality so it’s compatible with a range of terrains. And the super-lightweight magnesium alloy construction can support a max weight of up to 220lbs.

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