Cobra Road Scout Radar Detecting Dash Cam

Driver much safer with the Cobra Road Scout Radar Detecting Dash Cam. This 2-in-1 driver alert system is both a radar detector and a dash camera all in one. This means that it will tell you about speed cameras and red light cameras, which also recording what’s happening in front of your vehicle day or night.

The radar detector has long-range capabilities and a GPS database of alerts so it will detect real-time, new radar threats and also inform you of the known ones.

You will be able to record in Full HD 1080presolution and also detect impacts with the dash camera thanks to its ability to connect to Wi-Fi. And using your smartphone, can edit, view, and share recordings.

The Cobra Road Scout Radar Detecting Dash Cam is a device that will give you the confidence to drive more assured both day and night.

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George Pang

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