Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Generation

Amazon Echo Dot 4th-Generation

Amazon Echo Dot 4

Like the new full-size Echo, the 2020 Echo dot boasts a striking new spherical design. This all-new design is a great visual evolution for the Echo line of affordable smart speakers. And even though this new Dot is must tall than the previous model, it still keeps the same footprint so it won’t take up must shelf space. There are 2 models available: one without a clock and one available with a clock—with a $10 difference. Both devices also sport Amazon’s standard fabric covering.



Amazon Echo Dot 4

Other than the new design language the biggest change to the new Echo Dot 4 is the sound. There is a new 1.6inch speaker which is much more powerful than the previous model’s 1.1inch speaker. That mixed with the new spherical design aesthetic gives it a much more fuller sound experience. Both smart speakers also come with 4 microphones, which is great for allowing Alexa to pick up your voice. Alternatively, you can mute them for privacy. 



Amazon Echo Dot 4

The new Echo Dot 4th Generation is a very solid smart speaker, it provides a great entry point into the smart home speaker market. 

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