BlackBerry KeyOne 2017 Review

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Priced From $540US/  £500/  $930CDN

The KeyOne Brings the best of BlackBerrys legacy to the modern age.

When you hold the Samsung Galaxy S8 in your hand it feels like you’re holding a piece of art, when you hold the KeyOne in your hands it feels like you’re holding a work tool.



Build And Design

It’s made from code aluminum at the sides with a grippy texture at the back and Gorilla Glass 4 upfront. At 180g the KeyOne isn’t out to win any thin or lightness contest but it feels sturdy and comfortable in the hand.

The speakers are at the bottom providing decent sound.


Calls are very clear whether you have the phone at your ears, using the headphones you get in the box, or using the loudest mono speakers around for those times when you want to use loudspeaker for calls.


The Convenience Key

The convenience key at the side really lives up to its name. You can set it to launch Google voice search so you give your phone voice commands at the push of a button instead of using a key phrase. You can also set the convenience key to do just about anything even on phone calls you can use it as a mute switch.



The Physical Keyboard

The space bar is also the fingerprint sensor which is very fast and accurate. The keyboard, in my opinion, is the best around. It has a better feel than the BlackBerry Priv. It feels good when typing you get that strong clicky feel. You can set all of your letter keys on your keyboard to jump right to an app or a specific person.

Another kool thing about the keyboard is that is doubles as a trackpad so you can scroll long lists, reposition a cursor, or confirm a autocomplete suggest without even touching the screen. Scrolling with the keyboard is even more awesome when you turn the phone sideways into landscape mode because your fingers never get in the way of what you’re looking at.

If you need a keyboard while turned sideways you can access a virtual keyboard on your screen.


Key Specs

OS—     Android 7.1.1       


Storage—  32GB + Micro SD

Display—  5.8inches & 6.2 inches

Camera—  8MP (front)   12MP (back)

SOC—  Snapdragon 625

Battery—  3505mAh



BlackBerry version of Android is about as secure as you can get. With verified boot, hardware root of trust and you get timely updates.


The battery is a powerhouse you can go a whole day without charge under extremely heavy usage. It has quick charge 3.0 and a special boost mode for fast charging.


The display is very average when compared to an S8 or LG G6. It can’t get particularly bright or very dim and its odd resolution makes for some scaling issues with some apps.



The Camera

The KeyOne uses the same sensor as the brilliant Google Pixel. That good sensor allows the KeyOne to take great photos, it’s by far the best BlackBerry camera you will ever see.

It’s only in darker environments when the Google Pixel starts to have an advantage. With the difference in price between the KeyOne and the Pixel, the KeyOne proves to have great camera almost as good as the more expensive Pixel.

Get to know your  BlackBerry KeyOne even more by learn the best Tips and Tricks HERE




There are much better smartphones up and down the price range. But if want a phone with a physical keyboard, the KeyOne has the best keyboard you will ever find on Android. It also has a secure software and a powerful battery.

But if you’re looking for a solid Android phone there are plenty of other options to choose from.

My Overall RATING: 7.5 OUT OF 10

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The BlackBerry Keyboard is quite a unique phone, BlackBerry has gone back to their roots but do you think it’s a winner or another flop? please comment below and tell me what you think about the new BlackBerry.

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  1. I love it just by reading about it ..
    Plus I’d love them before I started testing iPhone and Samsung..would definitely go back there

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