Jabra Elite 75t Truly Wireless Earbuds – REVIEW

The 75t’s are some of the smallest premium truly wireless earbuds on the market. You get an all-plastic design that’s very clean and minimalistic. It’s also super lightweight both in the hand and in the ears. The earbuds sit very comfy in the ear with excellent stability especially when wearing while jogging or going hard in the gym. They won’t fall out or get loose some of the competition.

These earbuds are boasts an IP55 rating which means the buds are dust and water-resistant so it can handle light jet sprays or a trip in the shower.



It does have buttons on each earbud, these buttons are nice and sensitive to press so you won’t have to press so hard that you start to jam them down in your ear canal. The left earbud allows you to skill track, volume down, previous track, mute and tone calls and hearthrough toggle. With right earbud you can  play/pause/ answer call, activate voice assistant, put calls on hold and volume up.


Heat through

The 75t provides excellent passive noise isolation, it is able to block out a lot of your environment so you will barely hear what’s going on around you. It provides a great seal and you experience a more isolated audio experience. Hear Through allows you to turn on the microphones and adjust the amount of outside noise you want to hear using the Jabra app. This feature works well but there’s a white noise to come in the background for time to time. This issue is more pronounced is your listening podcasts or even news. Other customers have also complained about having this white noise issue.


Single Earbud

If you want to use just one earbud, you have to use the right one. Unfortunately, you can’t use the left earbud unlike some of the competitors which allow you to use either earbud.


Auto Pause & Play

If you take off the earbud, the music will automatically stop and when you put them back in your ears the music will automatically resume. This feature works really well and you can use the app to turn this feature off if your not a fan.



Bluetooth 5.0 is what’s offered and this is what we have come to expect from all new devices especially at the price range. Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest technology in Bluetooth connectivity. You get excellent coverage with not connection or sync issue. And unlike the competition, the 75t’s can connect to up to 8 devices and be paired to 2 at the same time.


Battery Life

Jabra claims up to 7 hours of battery life and with the charging case you get a total of 28 hours. In real-world use at 50% volume from full to dead, you get 6 hours and 40+ minutes which is slightly above average. You also get fast charging, 50 minutes of charge with giving you an hour of music playback. 


Sound Quality

It delivers deep bass. Its punchy, deep and resonating especially with bassier tracks. It’s too much for you, you can use the equalizer in the Jabra app to adjust the audio to your style. The mids are present but not very bright or broad. And the highs are sharp and clean with plenty of depth. With that being said, you can play around with EQ in the app to find the right blend for your audio style. The Jabra 75t delivers a good audio experience that more on the bassy side.

To Wrap Things Up 

The Jabra Elite 75t truly wireless earbuds offer a great package overall. For the price, you get good battery life, excellent connectivity, waterproofing, awesome noise isolation, and good sound quality. 

 Buy Now $175


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