Best Cellphone Accessories Under $50 2019

Best Cellphone Accessories Under $50 2019

Mobile accessories can be quite expensive especially for these on a small budget, but you don’t have to break the bank to find really kool and great products under $50 that can use to extend your smartphone longevity and entertainment value. These great cheap smartphone accessories listed below can be yours or a gift for a friend or family member,  I know you sure to find a cheap accessory that you like. Listed from cheapest to most expensive this list will change continuously in 2018 as I update you with new releases.

amFilm Glass Screen Protector

Priced From $ 8US – $14US

This is a no-brainer for smartphone owners especially if you own a high-end Galaxy or iPhone device. Protecting your screen from cracks and scratches should be a major priority. The amFilm Screen Protector is the go too brand for highly durable and scratch resistant screen protectors.

Purchase iPhone 7 Plus, 6S Plus & 6 Screen Protector Here 

Purchase Galaxy S8 Screen Protector Here

SanDisk Ultra 16GB Micro SD Card

Priced From $10US/  £8/  $14CDN 

Most Android Smartphones or Tablets these days don’t have a lot of built-in storage so if you’re the kinda person that loves to take a lot of photo, download games and music you’re going to run out of internal storage space very quickly. To make sure you are never left frustrated because of low storage space, get a Micro SD Card. I recommend the SanDisk Ultra  16GB Micro SD Card. SanDisk is the world leaders in flash memory, each SD Card is constructed to the best standards. File Transfer is ultra fast with speeds of up to 80MB/s (2) and if 16GB is not enough for you  SanDisk Ultra Micro SD Cards has up to 256GB available.

Purchase Here

Mpow iPlanet X Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick

Priced From $10US/  £7/  $16CDN

If you love taking selfies then you need a Mpow iPlanet X Extendable Monopod Selfie Stick. This is a well made reliable selfie stick that has a built-in Bluetooth remote control that pairs with your smartphone giving you better photo sights which allows you to take great selfie snaps. It’s 370 – degrees adjustable and will fit in your pocket or bag easily. So if you’re looking for a great selfie stick for yourself or as a gift, the Mpow Planet Selfie Stick is one of the best and most fashionable you can buy for the price.

Purchase Here

Golden  Color Super 3 in 1 Universal Car Phone Holder

Priced From $ 19US

In this day and age, most Smartphones come with a variety of features and apps that can be very useful while driving, but we all know it’s illegal to use your mobile held in your hand while driving. If you’re the kinda person that uses their phone while driving the Super 3 in 1 Universal Car Phone Holder will keep your phone secure on your dashboard, your air vent or your windshield. It’s designed to fit all popular smartphone whether large or small and a 360-degree rotatable frame that lets you capture voices from any angle.You will be safe to make use of your phone’s features and apps while in your car.

Purchase Here 

Tile Slim Phone Finder

Priced From $23US/  £30/  $40CDN

We all know someone that can benefit from a gadget like this especially if you’re the forgetful type. The Tile-Slim is a small white Bluetooth tracker that helps you to find lost items by simply attaching, sticking or placing the Tile-Slim on your laptop, tablet, notebook or everyday items like your wallet, keys, bag, in your car and so much more. Keeping track of your lost items is easy with the Tile-Slim, just simply open up the iOS or Android app on your Smartphone or Tablet and tap the name of the item and Tile Slim will ring loudly. On the flip side if you can’t find your Phone you can use Tile-Slim to locate it by just Double Tapping the button on your Tile-Slim device and it will make your lost Phone ring even if it is on silent.

Purchase Here

Anker Classic Bluetooth Speaker

Priced From $29US/ £27/  $98CDN

If you’re looking for an economical powerhouse Bluetooth speaker for under $50, with great sound quality that can compete with more expensive speakers. The Anker Classic Bluetooth Speakers is what you need, whether you’re at home or on the beach the Anker Classic always impresses. With a play time of 15 – 20 hours it will easily carry you through the day. You can connect to your Android or iOS device and have a connection range of 33 feet. These Speaker will outclass most speakers in the higher and more expensive price range with its 2in driver and bass port. A built-in speakerphone gives you the ability to answer a call during play time. The Anker Classic Bluetooth Speakers are a bargain that you can’t go wrong with.

Purchase Here

Hhusali Bluetooth  Headphones

Priced From $34US

If you’re tired of using those weak headphones that you get with your smartphone and want to upgrade to some better sounding earbuds that are good quality. Hhusali Bluetooth Headphones are one the best sound earbuds under $50, these flexible lightweight earbuds are comfortable and have a great sound that’s better than most headphones in its price range. These Hhusali headphones are sweat and water resistant with an 8-hour play time, 33 feet playing distant, CVC noise canceling and a built-in mic. Whether you’re the outdoorsy type or the indoors type the Hhusali Bluetooth Headphones are what you need.

Purchase Here

iMuto X5TC 16750mAh

Priced From $35US/  £26/  $45CDN

If you spend a lot of time on the go and can’t stay in one place long enough to charge your phone in a wall outlet, a power bank is a must have. The iMuto X5TC 16750mAh is an affordable Powerful Portable Charger with a 167500mAh battery that’s capable of charging phones like the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 7 and other typical smartphones up to 6 times and most Tablets, iPads, and MacBooks 1.5 times. The X5TC deliver fast charging and supports charging three devices at the same time. While charging your smartphone it’s safe from over charging, over voltage, short circuit and charging only takes minutes not hours. The LED indicator will tell you how much power you have so you will always know when you need to charge it up. The iMuto is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a battery pack that can charge not only your Smartphone but multiple devices for under $50.

Purchase Here

If you have any question about these great accessories please comment below I would love to hear from you.


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