InnoWave Headphones 2017

InnoWave Headphones 2017

InnoWave headphones from Inno Design have a quite different and unique design language. With most modern headphones been created with a one size fits all design mentality. The InnoWave Headphone Headband aims the change this with a design that is capable of shifting and bending to suit head shapes and sizes. InnoWave Headphones achieved this with a wavy / squiggly design that bends and shapes in order to keep it in place on your head, regardless of the activities you a partaking in.

You can get the InnoWave Headphone Headband in several color options. Thanks to the customizable aesthetics the InnoWaves are suitable for use for all ages. The InnoWave wired headphones sound impressive despite the funky looks.


The InnoWave Over The Ear Headphones

Priced From $80

The InnoWave noise canceling headphones can easily adjust the fit the shape of your head by moving the ends of the wavy/squiggly piece up and down. The headphones are very comfortable and lays nicely on your cranium. The cord is nice and flat, very easy to plug into or remove from your device.

The sound quality is excellent, very clear and crisp.  No matter the genre of music you listen to it will sound amazing. The noise canceling works great, you can listen to your favorite songs without interruptions. The wave design will definitely stand out no matter where you are.

It’s available in 5 colors…

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InnoWave Plus

Priced From $129

The InnoWave Plus is the bigger over the 2.

The first thing that catches your eye on at first glance at these wired headphones is Inno Designs trade mark squiggly design. The InnoWave Plus is extremely light and flexible allowing for a really snug and comfy fit that’s not too tight on the cranium. It’s fully adjustable to fit any size head. The large earpads are very comfortable especially if used for very long periods.

Sound quality is good, good tonse, highs, and bass,  very good quality overall. The noise canceling works really well. The Plus is better than the InnoWave Over Ear Noise Canceling Headphone and is worth the extra money.

The InnoWave  Plus is a solid and well-built product that’s unique and different from anything out there and is worth a try.

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