Best Smart Speakers Under $100 – 2020

Best Smart Speakers Under $100 – 2020

Finding a great smart speaker on a small budget can be very frustrating because most of these very impressive devices can be very pricey and not everyone can afford to spend over $100. But thankfully, there are a few great options currently available under $100 from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Keep in mind that most smart speakers in this sort of affordable price range might lack a few of the features, functionality and sound quality that you find on the more expensive versions. But these cheaper alternatives are great voice assistants and can control your smart home, answering questions and so much more.



Google Home Mini

Priced From  $50USD

The Google Home Mini is a great affordable alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Google has come a long way in a short amount of time to catch up to Amazon in the race for the best voice assistant. Google assistant is a bit smarter than Alexa so you’re able to ask multiple questions on the same topic and get accurate answers thanks to Google,s massive search engine. This smart speaker can walk you through recipes taking you step by step or you can skip forward or back. You will also be able to use Google Maps and Google Calendar plus a lot more. Google currently has the edge when it comes to intelligence which makes it the better option if you’re looking for a smarter speaker. View More Google Smart Speaker

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Amazon Echo Dot

Priced From  $50USD

The Echo Dot is the perfect little smart speaker for those looking for a great Alexa speaker on a small budget. The great thing about the Echo Dot is that even though it’s very affordable, Amazon still has is on sale very often so it’s quite often cheaper than any smart speaker. This little speaker doesn’t have the best sound quality, but you get all the same Alexa based function as the more expensive Echo devices. You’re also able to connect to other speakers via the aux-in jack to improve audio performance. If you’re just looking for a cheap and simple Alexa based smart speaker to buy, the Amazon Echo Dot is the best around. View More Alexa Speakers

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Eufy Genie Smart Speaker

Priced From   $34USD

The Eufy Genie is made by Anker, Anker is known for making some of the best affordable electronic products on the market and this Genie speaker is no exception. This smart speaker is a cheaper alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot boasting most of the same Alexa capability.  Like the Echo Dot, the audio quality isn’t the best but you’re able to connect to other speakers via the aux-in jack to improve audio performance. One of the biggest downsides to the Genie is that it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, and this might be a turn off for some. Another thing to consider is that the Genie doesn’t have a lot of microphones built-in, so it will struggle to hear you from time to time. Despite those issues, for the price, this is still a great affordable Alexa smart speaker if you’re on a very tight budget. But if you’re willing to spend a bit more we recommend getting the Echo Dot instead.

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Priced From   $80USD

The COWIN DiDa is a decent mix between a Bluetooth speaker and an Alexa smart speaker. This speaker offers excellent portability thanks to its 9-hour rechargeable battery. It has dual 7.5-watt acoustic drivers that produce crystal clear room-filling audio. Unlike a lot of the other smart speakers on this list, the DiDa doesn’t have the ability to activate the Alexa voice assistant by voice activation, so you’ll have to use the onboard microphone button. Being an Amazon device, this speaker has the ability to do everything the Echo does except taking phone calls. If you’re looking for an ultraportable Alexa smart speaker The COWIN DiDa is a great option.

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Harman Kardon Invoke

Priced From   $60USD

The Harman Kardon Invoke is a Cortana enabled smart speaker for your home. This smart speaker provides the audio quality of Harmon Kardon and the brains of Microsoft’s Windows 10 assistant. It has the same functions as other smart speakers so it can activate the voice assistant by voice or by touch. You’re able to connect it to your smart home, stream music, get info on a specific song, set timer, alarms, check the weather, get the latest news headlines and so much more.

Being a Harman Kardon speaker, you get excellent sound quality thanks to 3 woofers and 3 tweeters and proprietary 360-degree adaptive technology. It delivers deep full bass backed by crispy trebles which makes the music, call quality, and Cortana’s voice sound rich and clear. Voice control also gets a boost from a 7 microphone system with 2 audio pipelines, so Cortana will be able to hear you from across the room or over the music. READ NOW: Best Smart Speakers On The Market

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome affordable Smart Speakers, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Speaker please comment below.

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