Best Google Smart Speakers 2020

Best Google Smart Speakers 2020

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When it comes to smart speakers Google is currently offering the best voice assistant on the market. Thanks to Google’s massive search engine, Google’s assistant can handle multiple questions on the same topic with accurate answers better than any other voice assistant. Cortana and Seri voice assistants are a close second behind Google’s assistant, while Alexa although it’s slowly improving still struggles with free-form internet queries and questions. Google smart speakers give you the ability to control your smart home, walk through recipes, play games, and so much more.




Google Home Mini

Priced From  $50USD

The Google Home Mini is a great affordable alternative to the Amazon Echo Dot speaker. Google has come a long way in a short amount of time to catch up to Amazon in the race for the best voice assistant. What’s great is that Google assistant is a bit smarter than Alexa so you’re able to ask multiple questions on the same topic and get accurate answers thanks to Google’s massive search engine.

This smart speaker can walk you through recipes taking you step by step or you can skip forward or back. You will also be able to use Google Maps and Google Calendar plus a lot more. Google currently has the edge when it comes to intelligence which makes it the better option if you’re looking for a smarter speaker.

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Sonos One

Priced From  $198USD

The Sonos One speaker is one of the best sounding smart speakers on the market. It’s not the loudest or the most portable like some of the other smart speakers but its versatility allows it to be compatible with ecosystems from Google Home and Apple Airplay 2 even though it comes Alexa enabled.

The Sonos One is one of the only smart speakers that can easily pair with other speakers whether in different rooms or on a home theatre system. Sonos is basically unrivaled when it comes to great sounding home speakers and the Sonos One is no exception. Its versatility plus the ability to pair with multiple speakers make is a great option.

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Google Home Max

The best Google Assistant devices: Speakers and TVs with Assistant inside

Priced From  $399USD

The Google Mome Max is Google’s premium smart speaker. and just like Google Home Mini, the Google Max has the Google assistant builtin so it has all the features as the other Google speakers. It will control your smart home, you can set a timer plus much more.

One of the biggest Pluses about the Google Home Max is that it will adapt its sound to its environment and offers support for Bluetooth. It has a very advanced speaker built-in so you will get excellent sound quality with punchy, loud room-filling audio. Your also able to pair two Max speakers together or any of the other speakers with Chrome Cast as well. If your looking for a powerful Google enable speaker the Google Home Max is a great option.

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TicHome Mini

The best Google Assistant devices: Speakers and TVs with Assistant inside

Priced From  $99USD

The TicHome Mini is a great Google-powered smart speaker that offers excellent portability. It has an IPX6 certification which means is completely protected against splashes so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet.  You will get a maximum of 6 hours of battery life with one-tap NFC/Bluetooth pairing to connect to NFC enabled devices. If you’re looking for a portable Google smart speaker to take to the pool or use in the shower the TicHome Mini is a great option.

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Google Home Hub

Priced From   $149USD

The Google Smart Hub is Google’s very own smart display and like the smart displays from Lenovo and JBL, you’re able to use your voice to control your smart home, add something to your calendar, search for things on the web, show your photos, watch videos and so much more.

One of the best features on this smart display is Recipe Assistance which allows you to go through the ingredients and steps, one by one. Google will save your place so you will be able to pick up where you left off with your recipe. Being a Google-enabled device with a display, you get an assistant that interacts with you visually. One of the biggest downside abt this Home Hub is that it doesn’t have a camera.

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Lenovo Smart Display

The LENOVO Smart Display is one of the first Google Assistant with a screen. This smart display adds that visual experience to your search results similar to the Amazon Echo Show. It’s perfect for the kitchen to help you with recipes, taking you step by step or at your own pace. The touchscreen display also allows you to watch YouTube videos and take video calls.

One of the great things about this Smart Display is that Google Home will recognize your voice and set reminders or show you your specific calendar stuff. If you’re into the Google ecosystem the Lenovo Smart Display is a great option.

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JBL Link View

Priced From  $199USD

The JBL Link View is JBL’s Google voice assistant and it has the same features and software as the Lenovo Smart Display. So it can do everything the Lenovo can. You can make video calls, watch youtube videos and see a relevant video when you ask for the news.

The screen even helps out to control your smart home and helps you to walk through recipes step by step. But what sets the JBL apart is the sound quality. Audio quality is one of the best on any smart display speaker on the market. So you get very punchy bass and strong rich vocals. Read Next: Best Alex Smart Speakers

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Smart Speakers, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Speaker please comment below.

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