Best Alexa Smart Speakers 2019

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Amazon Alexa is one of the most popular digital assistance on the market. Even tho these device are great voice assistant they do not the best sound when compared to Google and Seri enable speakers but with Alexa starting to spread into third-party speakers like the Sonos One you’re not able to get an Alexa speaker with great sound quality. These smart speakers work with Amazon Prime Music, Spotify and most other services (apart from Apple Music) for streaming music via voice, TuneIn radio, on-demand information such as news, weather, and traffic as well as smart home control.

With the Alexa ecosystem now appearing in lamps, light switches, headphones, lights and so much more smart home tech, these smart speakers are what you need to control your smart home filled with Alexa compatible devices.


 Echo Plus (2nd Generation)

Priced From   $150USD

This second-generation Echo Plus has a new design along with a new fabric shell. The speaker is also much shorter than the original and now has upgraded Dolby speaker hardware. There is also a big increase in volume levels along with a 3-inch neodymium woofer which gives this smart speaker fuller sound and better bass response than its predecessor. You also have Zigbee hub built-in, so you won’t need a hub plugged into your router to control Zigbee devices. The Amazon Echo Plus is a great Alexa device with great sound quality and Zigbee compatibility.

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Amazon Echo Dot

Priced From  $50USD

The Echo Dot is the perfect little smart speaker for those looking for a great Alexa speaker on a small budget. The great thing about the Echo Dot is that even though it’s very affordable, Amazon will still have it on sale very often so it’s quite often cheaper than any other smart speaker. This little speaker doesn’t have the best sound quality, but you get all the same Alexa based function as the more expensive Echo devices. You’re also able to connect to other speakers via the aux-in jack to improve audio performance. If you’re just looking for a cheap and simple Alexa based smart speaker to buy, the Amazon Echo Dot is the best around.

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Sonos One

Priced From  $198USD

The Sonos One speaker is one of the best sounding smart speakers on the market. It’s not the loudest or the most portable like some of the other smart speakers but its versatility allows it to be compatible with ecosystems from Google Home and Apple Airplay 2 even though it comes Alexa enabled. The Sonos One is one of the only smart speakers that can easily pair with other speakers whether in different rooms or on a home theatre system. Sonos is basically unrivalled when it comes to great sounding home speakers and the Sonos One is no exception. Its versatility plus the ability to pair with multiple speakers make is a great option.

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Amazon Echo Sho

Priced From   $230USD

This is the second-generation Amazon Echo Sho, it has a completely new design language with a bigger 10. 1-inch screen with a 720p display. The screen lets you see what music you’re playing so you can pause, or skip tracks, and even view lyrics on some Amazon Music tracks. It has two 2-inch neodymium side firing drivers which provide clear vocals with ample bass. Voice and video calls are supported, though to do video calls, you’ll need to call another Echo Show. The second-generation Amazon Echo Show doesn’t offer as much user integration and features when compared to Google enable smart displays but it’s a great option for those looking for an Alexa Alternative.

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Amazon Echo Spot

Priced From  $129USD

The Echo Spot is smaller, cuter less expensive version of the Echo Sho and it has many of the same capabilities. The screen measures 2.5 inches across and 280 pixels wide, so the display is a bit small but you can still watch videos even though there is no YouTube. This awesome little screen also gives you the ability to display a clock. The clock display offers 16 different faces in both analog and digital designs with 4 options that allow you to customize with your own photos. The circular touchscreen can display information, lists, videos and make video calls thanks to the front-facing camera. The Echo Spot is an awesome smart speaker that’s well suited as a bedside or desktop clock.

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Amazon Tap

The Amazon Tap is a decent mix between a Bluetooth speaker and a smart speaker. This speaker offers excellent portability thanks to its 9-hour rechargeable battery. It delivers omnidirectional 360-degree audio, so the sound will travel far in all directions with a lot of clarity. Unlike a lot of the other smart speakers on this list the Tap doesn’t have the ability to activate the Alexa voice assistant by voice activation, so you’ll have to use the onboard microphone button. Being an Amazon device, this speaker has the ability to do everything the Echo does except taking phone calls. If you’re looking for an Alexa smart speaker for travel the Amazon Tap is a great option. Read Next: Best Google Smart Speakers

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Facebook Portal

Priced From   $350USD

Unlike the other smart displays on the market, Facebook Portals are all about video calling exclusively through Facebook Messenger. This means if you or the people you want to talk to don’t have Facebook or use Facebook Messenger you can’t use a Portal. Even though Portals are limited to Facebook user, these devices have some clear advantages for anyone wanting to stay in contact with friends and family that they don’t normally see.

Portal to Portal calling is much more immersive than a typical video call on a normal smart display because the cameras in the Portal actually tracks your movement and flowers you around. So, if you’re in the kitchen on a video call you will be free to carry out your cooking activities without having to constantly reposition the device. The Facebook Portal allows you to move around and not worry if the person on the other line is able to see you. These devices also have built-in Alexa speakers and Facebooks Hello Portal voice service. You can use Amazons voice assistant for all of your regular smart speaker needs and use Hello Portal apps like Spotify and video calling.

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Have your say below if you have purchased any of these awesome Smart Speakers, please share your experience with us. If you have any questions about these or any other Speaker please comment below.

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