Best Smart Speakers 2021

Best Smart Speakers 2021

Smart speakers are currently all the rage. These truly awesome devices will provide you with your very own reliable digital helper that’s always available via voice command from anywhere in your home. Smart speakers are capable of answering questions, help to control your smart home products, set timers, play music, teach kids how to spell and so much more. Google, Apple, and Amazon are currently your 3 major platforms to consider when buying a smart speaker. None of these platforms goes together so it’s important to pick a camp, so for example, if you using Apple enable devices in your home then you’re in the Apple camp so an Apple Home Pod speaker would be your best option and the same goes for Google and Amazon devices. No matter your needs, our collection has the best smart speakers on the market.

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Sonos One Gen 2

The second-generation Sonos One now supports AirPlay 2 streaming. Sonos has also increased the processing powering, so it’s now able to process your commands and inquiries much faster than before. It’s also compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google assistant. The built-in microphones provide a seamless hearing for voice commands.  Sonos is basically unrivalled when it comes to great sounding home speakers and the Sonos One is no exception. Its versatility plus the ability to pair with multiple speakers make is a great option.


Google – Nest Audio

The Google Nest Audio is a great smart speaker to help organize their day, read tasks, and control various smart home devices. What’s great is that Google assistant is a bit smarter than Alexa so you’re able to ask multiple questions on the same topic and get accurate answers thanks to Google’s massive search engine.

This smart speaker can walk you through recipes taking you step by step or you can skip forward or back. You will also be able to use Google Maps and Google Calendar plus a lot more. You can also connect this Google speaker to other Google Home devices on your network. So, if you have a speaker in the kitchen and your kid has one in her room, you can use Google Assistant to relay to your child’s speaker that dinner is ready.

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Bose Home Speaker 500

The Bose Home Speaker 500 offers the best of all worlds. It delivers a powerful 360 degrees sound with thunderous bass. It offers support for Apple Airplay so you get a seamless connection with an iPhone, iPad or Mac Book. Plus, it’s also compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant.

Users are able to choose the virtual helper they prefer during the setup process. Equipped with a 6-microphone array, the Home Speaker 500 is also able hearing voice commands even at high volumes. Other features include 6 customizable buttons for one-touch access to your favourite content.

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Apple Home Pod


The Apple Home Pod has one of the best audio qualities on any smart speaker on this list. This is thanks to 7 high-end audio drivers, a high excursion woofer and Apples A8 processor, and 6 built-in microphones. Combined they let the speaker constantly deliver great sound regardless of where its placed in your home.

You can also pair 2 Home Pod speakers together get a more stereo sound experience or you can use multiple units in a multi-room setup. The Home Pods will also allow you to replace an entire home theatre system by connecting 2 Home Pods with an Apple TV 4K. he Apple Home Pod is Siri’s first smart speaker and being an Apple product means it works exclusively with Apple devices only.

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Amazon Echo 4th Gen

The 4th Generation Amazon Echo now looks totally different from the previous generation. It has an all-new spherical design which is a welcome upgrade to previous hockey pock design. It uses on-device speech recognition to processes what you say locally and responds to your needs faster than before. And thanks to the AZ1 Neural Edge silicon module, it uses a local machine learning speech recognition algorithm before sending your commands to the cloud. 

Sound quality is one of the biggest improvements with this new Echo smart speaker. It sports a 3-inch woofer, dual firing tweeters and uses Dolby processing. This means you’re able to get an even better sound experience when it’s time to playing music. You can also pair two Echo speakers together for a more surround sound experience or pair it with a fire tv streamer and use it to play your TVs audio.

A Zigbee receiver has been built-in so you can do away with excess smart home hubs in your home. The Zigbee hub allows your Echo to talk to low power smart home devices like a light bulb and door sensors without needing any intermediary hub. Your Echo can also be used to set up those smart devices quick and easy.

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